How to look smart? Not everyone is smart and intelligent. But is it possible to develop some smartness. Of course it’s is possible to build up some smartness. If you want to look smart then keep on scrolling down to know the right way to look smart.

20 tips on how to look smart

How to look smart

1. Take some time to understand yourself.

Do you know how you walk and how you look when you speak or smile. It is hard for anyone to exactly say about his own expressions and behavior because you never notice yourself while doing different things.

If you want to look smart, first of all you need to know and understand your expression and behavior. You need to make good control over it so that from next time you won’t make any mistake from your side.

How to look smart

In order to understand yourself you can do various things. You can talk to yourself in mirror, you can make your video while walking and talking so that you can do a case study on your other behavior..

Some of the things over which you should focus are:-

  • How you speak
  • Way you walk
  • Your expression while smiling
  • How you react to the things
  • Your physical appearance, etc

2. Speak effectively.

How to look smart

The way you speak tells many things about you and your character. For example, if you speak too slowly then it reveals that you are very afraid of speaking and not confident about yourself. On the other hand when you speak too fast it shows that you are too proud and overconfident.

If you want to present yourself smartly then you must know the right way to speak. You must not speak very fast nor too slow instead you must try to maintain a moderate speed of speaking.

Not only speed but you must also care about the frequency and pitch while talking. Try not to take long breaks while speaking but take some small break.

While speaking try not meshing up the words as it makes your talk sound cheap. Try to speak clearly so that no one ask you to repeat it again.

Tips to follow while speaking :-

  • Speak in moderate speed.
  • Put your words clearly.
  • Speak in different tones.
  • Don’t mesh up your words.
  • Speak in your tongue language (you will be comfortable).
  • Give chance to respond for others.

3. Make proper eye contact.

How to look smart

Many recent studies have shown that making eye contact make a good connection between people. It is easy for anyone to express himself by looking in the eye of people.

What you feel when someone don’t look at you when you tell him / her something. You feel bad, right. You feel that he is not attentive to you or he is too nervous or shy.

Same things other may also feel when you fail to make eye contact. They don’t find you smart instead they think you to be a very unconfident guy.

In order to look smart you must always try to look in the eyes of the person you are talking to. But make sure that you don’t stare in to his / her eye because doing that will make you look aggressive.

Tips to make eye contact :-

  • Try to look into the eyes of the people you are talking to.
  • Don’t stare into his eyes.
  • Don’t hesitate to blink your eyes.
  • Don’t look for more that 10s in anyone’s eyes.

4. Maintain a good body posture.

Your body posture matters a lot when it comes to look smart. The way you sit and the way you stand may change people’s attitude towards you.

For example,  when you stand with a bend in your backbone you look very lazy and dull on the other hand when you stand straight you look more attractive and smart.

You must always try to walk and stand straight. When you fail to make up a good posture people feel that you are too lazy. So of you want to look smart you must maintain a good posture. But how can you improve your posture if it is already wrong.

Here are some tips to improve your posture :-

  • Stand tall and avoid bending.
  • Take help of wall to understand correct posture.
  • Try to lay your weight on the balls of your feet.
  • Maintain good posture while sleeping and sitting.
  • Use good footwear to get better support.
  • Do some stretching and yoga, etc

5. Be a pool of knowledge.

Your smartness is just not limited to your physical appearance and behavior but it is highly dependent on your minds efficiency. It is not important to have a good body to look smart instead if you are intelligent enough to answer any question you will look smart.

And in order to boost your intelligence you can improve your knowledge so that next time whenever anyone talks to you, it would be possible for you to answer his all questions.

If someone ask you something and if you are unable to answer it then you may feel little embarrassed but if you quickly answer him / her then it will create a positive attitude.

You can increase your knowledge by reading books, watching news, talking to sophisticated people etc. You can also read to magazines, blogs etc to be updated about all things.

6. Be punctual.

Punctuality shows your sincerity and honesty but more importantly it shows your smartness. Have you ever felt that smart people get late. There might be some exceptions. But usually good people are always on time.

When you break your punctuality, it creates a negative feeling in people towards you. They think you to be a lazy person. So it is good to be on time.

But remember that coming before time is also not an ideal thing. It is as bad as coming late because people think that you are too exited and expressive. But smart people are not expressive.

7. Speak less and pay attention to others’ words.

I know it is very important to speak so that people may understand you but you must take care that you don’t speak too much. It is because when you speak too much people may be annoyed from you which is no a good thing. Moreover a person who speak less seems to be much sophisticated and intelligent.

So speak only how much is required. But whenever you speak speak some sense don’t tell a big story. Try to express yourself in least number of words.

Instead of speaking much you must hear to other that what they say because when you must understand them so that you can react to it appropriately.

Reasons to speak less and hear to others :-

  • People will think that you are hearing them and they will feel cared.
  • You will understand them better.
  • When You will speak they will hear.
  • They will find you smart and intelligent.
  • You will get the idea that what to speak.

8. Sleep sufficient sleep in the previous night.

You may think what is the connection between your sleep and smartness. Well there is a big importance of proper sleep. It is because when you take proper sleep, you mind remain calm and you feel fresh. And hence you feel more active and your thinking capability increases which helps you to act wisely.

When you don’t take sufficient sleep you feel too lazy and inactive which further decreases your performance. Moreover it make you look very horrible because due to insufficient sleep there becomes a dark spot below your eyes and you still feel sleepy. This creates a negative feeling among people towards you.

Sleep of 6-8 hours is considered sufficient but if you are going to do something important next day then you can take a extra nap of 50 min which will make you feel better.

9. Be active not dormant.

According to a recent study people who are active seems to be smart. Whenever there is any opportunity for you to do anything don’t hesitate to do it before someone ask for it. But make sure you know how to do it otherwise it may be embarrassing for you.

For example, you are in your friend’s house and you are been invited for dinner. While your friend serve the food help him / her by serving water or by bringing dishes.

When you do such things, people feel that you are very caring and friendly. This will help you to develop a good image in front of them. But remember aging do only those things which you know how to do otherwise don’t do it.

10. Have a classic fragrance.

There are two persons near you, one with a good fragrance and other with no smell. By whom you will be more attracted, a good majority of people will be attracted by the person with good fragrance.

Similarly if you want to pretend smart you must have some fragrance. When you smell good people against you feel good and pleasant. This will create some positive atmosphere which will benefit you.

It is very important to smell good but don’t overwhelm it otherwise  people can’t tolerate it and it will have wrong outcome. Always use a perfume with a pleasant smell and not with hard smell.

11. Just smile don’t laugh.

A simple smile is enough to win anyone’s attention. Your simple smile makes a positive atmosphere which act as a signal for other people that you are interested in his / her talks. It makes them feel better which makes you smart.

But there is. lot difference between a smile and a laugh. Tell me how you feel when someone laugh very loudly. That won’t make you feel bad but you don’t feel good too. Sometime it’s OK and there can be some exceptions but if you laugh too much it is not going to have any good effect on others.

So always try to keep a simple smile on your face. You can laugh sometime but try not to laugh because it is not good to show your teeth everytime.

12. Pretend confident.

Confidence is something which shows how much you believe in yourself. If you have more confidence that means you believe more in yourself. When you are more confident of yourself people also believe in you and they treat you as if you are much sophisticated.

When you see a person who is more confident you find him more reliable right. Similarly when you pretend yourself to be confident other people also find you reliable.

Who looks more smart, the one who has fear and continuously shiver or someone who stand tall and confident. Definitely the person who is confident seems to be more smart.

So always try to be confident, no matter how favourable the situation is. If you don’t know how to be more confident then check out this article on how to be confident .

13. Speak through actions.

Don’t be a machine, be free to move your body. And don’t bind yourself instead get comfortable in the situation moving your hands while talking. When you simple speak without any movement it looks as if you are forced or compelled to do it. Moreover don’t look confident.

So from next time whenever you speak, try to make some actions with your hand. If you are addressing a group of people try to walk on the stage which will make you feel comfortable..

It is very important to make some actions while talking but don’t do it just for its sake. Do it only when you feel that it’s impossible. Make genuine actions don’t do whatever clicks in yours mind.

14. Use glasses.

How to look smart

It is not really important to have any spectacle over your eyes but it is a good trick to pretend smart. If you have ever realized, a good majority of smart people use specs. They may have a genuine reason for it but still it is a good trick.

Many surveys have shown that people who wear specs looks more intelligent and sophisticated. For some people it may work absolutely fine but for some people this may be annoying. As it may not suit on some people’s face.

If you want to use glasses then make sure you have some reason to wear it bit if you don’t have any eye problem then you can temporarily wear some thin glasses so that it won’t effect your eyes..

15. Maintain your walking speed.

If you want to look smart you must be perfect in every thing, even in your walking speed. Different people have different speed of waking but on an average everyone walks with same speed.

You must also walk in the same way as others walk. When you walk with one or more people try to maintain the same speed on walking. It’s neither good to walk fast nor too slow. But you can walk a bit slow when you walk with two or more people.

16. Dress up appropriately.

Some people say that your dress doesn’t define your smartness. I don’t say that’s wrong but tell me one thing what you see first about any person? Definitely his / her dress, right.

That means that your dress in your first impression and we all know that our first impression is our last impression. So we need to take care about our dressing style when it comes to smartness.

It is not necessary to have very expensive clothing in fact cheap dresses also do great job. The thing about which you should be careful about is that you dress up appropriately.

Can you wear night dress instead of office suit and office suit instead of night dress. It’s a big no. This means that you need to wear appropriate dress in different situations.

17. Have a good hairstyle.

The very first thing which anyone see in you is your face and your face lay a big effect on anyone’s mind. If your face looks good then you look smart and vice versa. But not everyone’s face is that beautiful but you can make it so by having a proper hairstyle.

Over thirty per cent of your beauty is dependent on your hairstyle. For example, every morning what is the condition of your hair when you leave your bed. It is randomly scattered which makes our face look little ugly.

Therefore it is important to have a good hairstyle. You can try changing your hairstyles to find out the best one for you. It is advised to have a classic hairstyle as it look pretty good on everyone.

18. Be normal (neither too serious nor too funny).

When you behave too serious you look very rude and people won’t like to talk to you. On the other hand if you act very funny people are not going to take you seriously and they may ignore you due to your friendly behavior.

It is usually advised to keep yourself normal. You can change your mood according to the situation. If the situation is lite be funny but if some important talk is there then be serious.

19. Don’t bet or swear.

I bet you, you can’t do it !!

I swear, I have not done this!!

Have you ever spoken such words “bet” or “swear”. I think most of us use these words very often. But have you every seen any successful people speaking such words.  I think none of them speak these words because this is not a sign of good person.

Smart and sophisticated people never use these words because they know that these words have no meaning. So from next time when ever you speak you must take care that you don’t use these words.

20. Be hygienic.

How would you feel if you find that your body have a foul smell, your teeth is yellow, yours nails are really big or if your clothes are dirty. You will definitely feel embarrassing.

So it is very important to be hygienic so that no such situations may arise otherwise if you fell into such problem then people will have wrong feelings to you.

If you want to look smart you must always keep your body clean. You must take bath regularly in order to keep all the bad odour away from you.

You must always brush your teeth to keep it shining white. Moreover you must always cut yours nail to keep it clean. You can also practice some other good habits to keep yourself hygienic.

The bottom line

I hope you understood how to look smart. I have tried to make you understand in simple words. If you still have any doubt on the topic or if you find any mistake feel free to mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] I hope you won’t ask again how to look smart.

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