20 tips to save money for instant results in 30 days.

Someone had truly told that ” making money is much easier than spending it effectively“. And most of us fail in saving money only. Most of us earn dollars and dollars to make ourself rich. But if we are not able to save  money we won’t be able to become rich at any cost. Hence it is very important to save money.

Save money

Here I have a list of 40 tips to save money for instant results in 30 days. Of course not all the tips may be helpful for you but at least 15-20 might help you save money in 30 days. Well just don’t read it understand and try to implement these things in your daily life then only you will successfully save some money.

1. Outline your budget.

Make a budget

This is a easy way get started. Make a budget, brainstorm all your monthly expenses like electricity bills, grocery product, restaurant etc. By the end of the month you would be able to see where and how you are loosing money. Moreover you would be able to analyze your expenses.

2. Target a goal for a day or week.

This help you to save money more effectively. Make a target like, I have to save $2 this week. If you make a target like this, you will have a designated.

3. Have something to save for. 

Saving money simply doesn’t make sense but still some people simply save money for their future. Saving money for future is not wrong as they save money for bright future. But saving money simple is not a ideal thing.
Have something to save for. Like you need to buy a new laptop or you need to visit some new place.

4. Keep your Credit card at home.

I feel that credit card is a big devil 😈 of money saving. If you have a credit card you may probably feel like to buy everything. Using your credit card in the right way is the ideal thing. Credit card is not for you to buy whatever you like beyond your budget. We buy many things and at last EMI sucks. Hence I would recommend to keep your credit card at home.

5. Use coupon and cash back offers.

I love coupons and cash back offers as they allow me to buy this at much cheaper rate. There are many shopping sites and offline stores that provide coupons and cash back offers which are really helpful in saving money.

Last day I bought a new headphone. Its marked price was $52. But using a coupon and cash back offers I got it at $39. I saved $13 which is a great saving for me. Hence I say you to use coupon and cash back offers.

6. Be punctual on paying bills.

What happens when you pay your electricity bill little late. You need pay little more more money as a fine. If you are punctual you would be able to save that little fine which will improve your saving.

7. Don’t be addicted to drinking and smoking.

Getting addicted to drinking and smoking is not only affecting your health but also affects your money. Quality drinks are expensive and if they harm your body, curing that harm would be 10 times more expensive than that. Hence it is better not to get addicted to these things.

8. Do some research before buying.

Most of us are ready to give any amount what shopkeeper ask and is the same with online shopping. But it is not an ideal thing. Stick to the Google and do some research whether the product you are buying is worthy or not and can you get it some where else for a better price.

9. Rent a part of your house.

We all have some place empty in our house. Why don’t you use it? Rent some part of empty space in your house. This is definitely not a way to save money but will increase your savings for sure. This doesn’t work for all as we all don’t have a empty room in our house. But if you have one it’s great for you.

10. Clean your house.

I not really mean to just make your hide neat and clean but to find out the thing which are not in use. We all have some useless things at our home. Find them and sell them either online or offline.

This will not only help you to increase your saving but will help you to make some empty space in your house and will help you to make your house look much neater.

11. Have a piggy bank.

I know piggy bank is not a great way to save money but still works. Grab a cheap piggy bank and start pushing some coins in it. This will help you in case of small crisis of money at your house.

12. Buy essential product at once.

Buy things at once helps you to get some extra discount. Buying thing one after one is not a good thing and sometimes it cost you much. I don’t mean to buy cars, houses, etc at once. I mean the day today things.

13. Carry some food everywhere.

I always use to carry a apple or a chocolate where ever I go. This helps me in the case when in feel hungry. Instead of buying expensive food I use to carry some food. That helps me to save more money.

14. Have regular health check ups.

Health check ups are really important for your health. I also use to have regular health check ups every month. That not only helps me to keep myself fit but also helps me to save some money as it helps me to avoid expensive treatment of any disease. Because it make me aware of the disease I might suffer.

15. Switch off lights and fans.

We all are though to switch off the light and fans when not in use. And it is really helpful to save money. Last month I did the same and I save $3 on my electricity bill. Which is $36 every year.

16. 30 days rule.

Use a month and try to analyze your expenses. Where are you loosing money, where are you not able to save money and then avoid those mistakes in the next month. You would see a gradual improvement in your expenses and you would be able to save money effectively.

17. Clean your house yourself.

We all like to hire a maid to clean our house but that is completely useless. Cleaning our home ourself will give you a kind of satisfaction and will also help you to save the money which you were going to pay to the maid. Well it will also help you to do some exercise.

18. Shop online 

Shopping online has many advantages. First is that you have a variety of things to buy and you won’t be limited. Secondly it is time saving. And third it helps you to save money. You get variety of discount and some time cash back offers.

19. Don’t shop everything online.

Buying things online is a good idea but buying all the things online is not a good idea. If you buy small things like cup of $0.50 you probably need to give delivery charge and you won’t get any offer hence buying all the things online is not a good thing.

20. Television sucks electricity.

Who don’t like watching television. But when I sit in front of a TV I don’t know how I spend hours staring it. But do you know how much electricity do it use. I made a experiment. I didn’t watched TV for the day. Do you know how much did I saved $1. That looks small but that is $30 per month and $360 per year. So stop watching TV for hours.

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