4 ways to earn money by writing as a author.

There are many people in the world who are engaged in writing and want to turn their passion into income. But they don’t have any idea to turn their writings in to income.
Some of the people think that the only way to generate money through writing is publishing a book in the market. But it is not true. Publishing books are not only the way to earn money through writing.
Their are many other ways to earn money through writing. If you are a kind of person who is engaged in writing or if you want to choose writing as a profession then this post might be helpful to you. Let’s get into our top five list.
5 ways to earn money

1. Make a blog.

Do you know there are over 440 million people who has chosen blogging as their profession. It is a great number right. But why so many people are blogging. The answer is simple. Blogging is the best way to express yourself in words and generate a huge income. So many bloggers generate over $1000 per day. Yes, that’s a day. So you can now understand how powerful is blogging. If you are searching for a job as a writer, then you can choose blogging.
There are unique benefits of blogging:
• Build up a huge number of followers.
• Fulfill your habit of writing.
• Earn huge amount of money.
• Become a full time publisher.

Make a blog to earn money

So you can choose blogging as your profession if you want to become a great a publisher and if you want to become a full time writer.

2. Become a freelancer.


Do you know most of the writers prefer to be a freelancer. It is a not much hard job and can be proved much beneficial for you. Freelancer is a self employed person who offer services to people or the clients. And one of the service you can provide is writing. If you are a good writer and can write a quality content then you can choose freelancing. But before you choose it. You should be well known about the facts that:
• You are a experienced writer.
• You write quality content.
• You can give the best results to your client.
• You are confident about what you write.
If you follow the aforesaid rules you can become a successful freelancer and can derive huge profit from it. The the rules I told are not to become a freelancer but to become a successful freelancer. You can start freelancer as a beginner but believe me you can not generate money until you make your clients satisfied.

3. Guest posting is worthy.

Have you ever dreamed to write articles on popular websites. I think most of you did. Once I also dreamed and wanted to post my own article on big websites. Anyway I didn’t got this great opportunity. But you have. Yes,  you heard write you are having opportunity to write your own words on many big website. We say such posts as a guest post. You would ask me how it is beneficial for me.

Well guest post has three main advantages. First you can you can reach ready made audience. Second is that you can generate backlinks which will help you to derive huge number of traffic to your blog (if you have created). And third, some of the website pay you to write posts on there website. Some of them pay as high as $10/per post even more. So you can generate some income from it.

If you ask me how can I write a guest post on any website. Then you can easily write a post by contacting the owner of the website. In fact some of the websites have proper pages for guest posting. You can write post on our website also. You can contact me.

4. Write on Kindle.


If you don’t like the aforesaid ideas then you might like this one as it is the best way for an author to earn huge amounts of money. Do you know there are over 4 million e-books published on Kindle and most of them are successful. And there are over 100 million active readers. So you can understand how effective platform is it.

If you are a kind of person who wants to earn money and want to become a full time author then you an come on Kindle. For all the people who don’t know, Kindle is a platform created by Amazon for common to people where they can find e-books and where we can publish our books.

But it is not so easy to get success on it. As there are many writers like you and me who are already publishing their works. To get success you need patience and right strategy. But believe me once you are on the track, you are going to have a great income.

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