Who don’t like playing video games? Almost everyone like playing it because they are so addictive. They make you feel really cheerful and keeps you engaged for really long. They are the best way to overcome your boredom but is it worthy to play video game in four free time. Is that good or bad?

Effects of video games on our mind.

Video games make you physically unfit and mentally a worm. It also makes you blind but at the same time there are good effects of video games as it sharpens your mind and increases your concentration. 

Like other things, video games also have its good and bad side. Your parents always shout on you, that you should not play video games because they think that it is waste of time. Well, that’s not the actual truth video games is not the waste of time as it also have some good effects on your mind.

Benefits of video games.

1. Sharpens your mind.

2. Increases your concentration level.

3. Develops your mental skill.

4. Improve neural communication.

5. Enhances thinking abilities.

6. Multi tasking becomes easy for you.

7. Makes learning and understanding easy.

Demerits of video games.

1. It make you mentally sick.

2. It can give you some additional stress.

3. Physically unfit (too fat or thin).

5. It can reduce your eyes efficiency (insomnia).

6. Poor mental growth.

7. Lack of interest in other activities.

How long is it good to play video games?

Anything is not injurious when it is practiced in limit. If you play games just for some minutes or an hour it will not have any adverse effect on you but if you will play video games for very long time it can make you zombie.

According to scientists, it is best to play video games for some minutes only (>50 min). If you want to play games for more than 50 minutes you must take small break of 10 minute and then continue playing.


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