20 habits of successful people that succeeded them.


There are some habits of successful people which they practice everyday. No one in this world became rich overnight or by luck. To become rich and successful one need to word hard for several years. Almost every rich and successful person such as Bill Gates, Jeff bezos, Mukesh ambani etc followed some habits which made them successful.

These habits of successful people are very simple and effective that you can follow to develop your personality. 

Don’t ever think that following those habits will make you rich and successful like them, never. They are successful not only because of these habits but because of many other factors.

But yes you can follow these habits in order to become a good person and to develop your personality. Though their habits were small and simple but that brought perfection to them. 

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Here are their top twenty habits which are common in most of the rich and successful people.

20 most common habits of successful people 

1. They maintain a diary.

Diary writing is counted among the excellent habits of all time. This habit is beneficial in many ways. This is among the most common habits of successful people. They use to summarize the events of their each day in their diary. This helped them to improve their memory power as they use to brain storm each things they did. 

Habit of diary writing

Moreover this helped them to them to improve their writings skills. This also helped them to remember the events and various things. 

You can also maintain a diary provided you are interested. If you are a student then I highly recommend you to maintain a diary. You don’t need to buy a very expensive diary. You can use any copy as your diary. There is no fixed time to write diary but people usually write diary at the end of their day usually at night. 

Benefits of diary writing :

•  Helps to improve your memory power.

•  Improves your writing skills. 

•  Helps you to remember the events of the day. 

•  Helps you to identify the good and bad about the day. 

2. They are not spendthrift.

This means that they know the value of money. Before spending their money they think many time if they really need that thing. And you can say that they are real frugal  as they use to spend the least money. And that’s a positive attitude. 

But now a days people are very spendthrift even me. We use to spend our money beyond our means. If we find anything good on internet we use to buy it though we don’t need it. But successful people are usually frugal they know to live within their means.

I don’t say you to be frugal but value your money and buy the things you really need. This will not only help you to save your money but will also help you to establish some control over you. 

It’s benefits:

• Help you to save money.

• Control your expenses.

• Helps you to make a control over you. 

3. They keep them busy.

This is one of the most common habit among all the successful people. They keep them busy unlike us. They never keep their body at rest. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t sleep and take rest, they also have a proper sleep of 6-8 hours. But most often they keep them busy.

Be honest, what would you do if you get 2 hours of free time. Most probably you will use your phone or you may watch TV or you may do find some other sources for your time pass. But they instead of doing these things, utilize their time in completing their pending works. 

I also recommend you to utilize your time in better way by completing your pending works and doing some extraordinary works to improve yourselves. 

4. They know the value of time. 

As mentioned watching successful people utilize their free time in competing their pending works instead of playing games or watching TV. Do you know why? Because they know the value of time. They know that if they lost their time they will probably loose many things. 

value of time

They don’t want to loose even their one second have they set some targets. Or in other words they schedule their time. They make time tables and organize their time in such a way that they can complete their whole task without wasting any time. 

For example, If they need to complete 10 tasks then they will divide their day into 10 parts leaving a small break between them. If they have 12 hours of working day then they would give 1 hour of time for each take giving 12 minutes of break between them. 

This even worked best for them. This helped them to complete their task perfectly without losing time. You can also use some time table so that your time would be utilized properly.

5. They read instead of watching.

As I told that successful don’t use to waste their time in watch TV as it is no less than a monster box.  But what they do in their free time if they didn’t have anything to do?

They use to read books, magazines, newspapers etc. That is one of the most beneficial habit that benefit you in many ways. 

This helped them to discover more about the world. It helped them to improve their general knowledge. When you keep reading for hours you need to concentrate more and hence it helps them to improve their concentration power. If someone will read a lot then this will surely help him to improve his reading skill. 

Benefits of reading:

• Improves concentration.

• Tells to discover new words and improves vocabulary.

• Improves general knowledge and makes you smarter. 

• Improve reading as well as writing skill.

• It reduce stress and anxiety.

• You can stay tuned for long. 

6. They try and try before saying “no”. 

Do you know what is the thing which make them successful? They don’t give up. They try until their last breath. If you give them a task, no matter how big or small,  they will try to complete that task at any cost. They hate saying “no”. Because they know that saying no means that they are failed. 

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Most of successful people are hardworking and enthusiastic towards their. They believe that work is their worship to god. Hence they do their job with complete dedication and hard work. And hence they are successful. 

7. They wake up early.

All of our parents use to advise us to wake up early but we don’t follow them, but these successful people do followed their elders advise and wake up early. This helped them in many ways.

Scientifically it is believed that waking up early is a very good habit. A person who wakes up early is more energetic and his/her mind is very relaxed. Hence it is a good time to do any task which need too much of concentration. 

If you have ever woke up early, you might have noticed that the day seems to be little lengthier than usual. This is because waking up early adds up some extra time to your day. 

Moreover in the early morning the environment is very calm and pleasant to do any thing. Hence it is a good time to meditate it to do some exercise.

Benefits of rising up early:

• Helps you to be energetic and cheerful. 

• Adds up some extra time to your day. 

• Good time to meditate and exercise.

• etc. 

8. They speak less listen more. 

If you have ever noticed, then you might hsee realised that good people speak less. They never shout. They keep themselves calm and try to observe their environment by listening to others. The same thing is with the successful people.

We usually use to shout in order to keep our words at the top. But they instead of shouting, keep themselves calm and quiet and listen more to other. 

Most of them hate speaking too much. They speak only when they really need. In this way they keep their mind collected. And hence they can work with their full efficiency.

In this way they also make a good personality among people. To make it easy I want to ask a question. What type of person do you like? One who speak every time and speak fuck or one who speak less but talks sense. A good majority of people would like the person who speak less but talk sense. 

Moreover a person who work less seems to be like much intelligent and sophisticated. It is scientifically proven that speaking less is a good habit as it helps you to keep your mind calm. So you can also accompany this habit in order to develop yourself. 

Benefits of less speaking:

• Keeps your mind calm and quiet. 

• Helps you to concentrate.

• Keeps your mind collected.

• Makes you look sophisticated.

9. They talk to themselves.

Have you ever seen people talking to themselves like fools. I have seen it many times even I use to talk to myself a lot. You may find it little weird but many successful people use to talk to themselves. They don’t do it everytime but when ever they are free and along. 

This is not very beneficial but it helps in many ways. If you will talk to yourself then you can find solution of any problem much easily. Moreover it helps you to express yourself to you. I mean you can talk the to thing with yourself which you cannot talk to others.

People usually talk to themselves when they are along and free. Sometime they talk about a problem or something they have some free talk. 

10. They pre-plan their day and don’t take immediate actions.

As I told earlier they have their own time table and schedules so they may save their time. They plan most of their things much earlier so that they don’t need to worry about anything. They know when to eat when to sleep and when to work. 

More over they don’t take immediate actions neither big nor small. They think so many times before taking any actions. What would you do if you see a brand new shoes on Amazon provided you have sufficient money with you.  You may probably buy it.  But rich and successful people think more than hundred times before taking that shoe ” do I really need it”. You can say them as a frugal people.  But it is  among the most common habits of successful people.

Suppose your friend ask you to join them for a party.  What would you do?  You may immediately accept him. But you should not do this. You should think twice before accepting him if you have some other formal engagement. This will help you to keep your self safe.  Moreover it is a positive habit. 

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