How to be confident – 6 effective ways


Confidence is one of the most important factor which decide your victory. A person who is not confident, loses the war before even starting it.

I have often realized that if I had confidence about a thing then no power on this earth could stop me from doing that task but at the same time if I lack confidence then it is really hard for me to do even a simple task.  Therefore it is really important.

But what if you don’t have confidence. Then can you build up some confidence in yourself. Yes you can.

But how to be confident? There is no pill that you can take to boost up your confidence. I mean to say that you can’t get confidence all of a sudden. It is a chain or a long process. It evolve slowly depending on various factors.

Here I have a list of things which you can practice in order to gain some confidence.

6 ways to be confident

How to be confident

1. Know who you are.

Before doing anything ask yourself who you are and what are your possibilities. What you are build for and can you do the task which you are going to do. 

2. Flush all your negative thoughts.

Having negative thoughts in our mind we are likely to lose our confidence. The way we think is the way we do.  If we think negatively we are likely to do the things in wrong way.

If I think that ” I can’t do it ” then I will lose my confidence but instead if I say that ” I can do it better than anyone else ” then this will pump up my confidence level.  

If you want to be confident then be positive and avoid all the negative thoughts as they pull down your confidence level.  

3. Look good feel confident.

It is a fact that if we look confident we feel confident. It is because of we look confident people treat us in the corresponding way and hence we feel confident. 

• Have a smile on your face.

Providing a smile to your face is the simplest way to look confident. It not only make you look confident but also adds up some extra beauty to your and make you attractive. 

• Make eye contact.

Making eye contact means looking into the eyes of the person whom you are talking. It doesn’t mean that you stare into someone’s eye. It means to simply look into his / her eyes. If you make eye contact people will think that you are confident.

• Speak properly. 

The way you speak, reflects most of your characters and your personality. If you speak your words clear and loud you are likely to look more confident. But if you speak very slowly, meshing up all your words you will not look confident.

• Don’t fidget and be free. 

Have you ever realized that whenever you feel nervous you start playing with your fingers or start to fidget. It is a sign that you are not confident. If you want to look confident avoid showing this sign to anyone. 

Another big mistake people do is that they bind up their hands or insert their hands in their pocket. You should try to avoid it by keeping your hands free. You should make some actions by your hand while talking.

• Dress up for confidence.

 You can dress up in an elegant way to look more confident.

4. Find your fear and face them.

One of the biggest thing which pull down your confidence level is your fear towards it. For example, do you know why most of the students can’t do well on mathematics? It is not because they don’t know it but it is because they have fear from it and their fear reduces their confidence. 

So in order to get more confidence you should first find the things from which you fear and then you should try to overcome that fear. In order to overcome your fear the only thing you can do is face that problem and tackle it. Once you are able to overcome your fear your confidence will automatically increase.  

5. Remember you are not along.

If you are performing something on the stage along then you will feel much nervousness and stage fear. But if you are in pairs your nervousness will be decreased to much extent. And at the same time if you are in group your fear will completely vanish.

Similarly, you should always keep it in mind that you are not only the person who is doing that particular task. Many people have faced it and don’t it earlier.  And you are not along. If you keep this in mind your fear will also vanish and you will be enriched with confidence.

6. Speak effectively.

Speaking properly is also very important in terms of confidence.  People can easily identify your character by your language and words. Speak clearly and avoid meshing up the words. Make your sound audible which means don’t whisper say it loud. But not too loud also. 

If you speak too much people will be annoyed from you moreover it will have a negative effect on your personality.  But at same time speaking less is also not good for you. If you speak too less or don’t speak at all people will think that you are not confident. So don’t speak less or more but speak only how is required. 

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