How to fall asleep fast? A very common question asked by many people whenever they can’t sleep easily. 

You go to sleep….. You lay on the bed.

But you realize that you can’t fell asleep till the late night even after you try hard to sleep. 

If you find that you are consistently suffering from this problem then don’t worry because you are not along.

There are probably thousands and lakhs of people who have the same problem that they can’t sleep even till the late night. 

In fact I have also suffered from such problems multiple times but luckily I was able to overcome this problem when I figured out some of the ways to fall asleep fast. 

I am going to tell you about the methods which I personally used to sleep within 5 minutes. 

But before we get into the actual methods let us know some important things.

What is the best time to get asleep much faster?

You may ask, do time matter to sleep? Yes!! Of course, time is a important factor which you must consider before going to sleep. 

Can you go to bed two hours early than usual some of you may do so but a good majority of people can’t sleep early. This is because of difference in time. 

When you go to sleep on proper time there are chances for you to sleep much faster. But if you don’t sleep on proper time then you can’t sleep till late night. 

Usually, the time of 9 PM to 10 PM is considered good to sleep but there may be some exceptions for some people as they may have their own time to sleep. 

If you don’t know then let me tell you that you need minimum six hours of sleep but if you are student or any adult then you must have atleast eight hours of sleep. 

So pick up your time wisely.

Let’s get into the actual content on how to fall asleep fast.

20+ methods to fall asleep fast in 5 minutes

1. Close your eyes and stop thinking.

We are not fish we are humans and we need to close our eyes in order to sleep, so the very first thing which you need to do is to close your eyes and shed off all thoughts from your mind and get relaxed. 

You know why we can’t sleep? There are multiple reasons for it. 

But the biggest reason is that we keep on thinking more and more. When your mind is active then it is hard to sleep because you are not relaxed mentally.

It is better advised not to think when you go bed. You must try to empty your mind but it is like impossible for us as we have a habit of thinking every time.

If you want to sleep fast, you must stop thinking and you can do so by focusing on the images generated by your mind and imagination.

2. Drop down the temperature of your room ( up-to 20°C). 

It sounds little weird but dropping down the temperature to certain level is very beneficial for you to fall asleep fast. 

No matter whether your room is hot or already cool, you can decrease your room temperature up-to 20°C to sleep fast. 

If the temperature of your room is too high, there are chances for you to be very uncomfortable as your body temperature also remains high. 

Dropping down the temperature up-to 20°C could help you to sleep faster. It not only help you to sleep fast but also give you a quality sleep. 

Make sure you don’t go below 15°C as it may have opposite effect too. 

3. Prevail complete darkness in your room. 

Darkness is a big factor which determines how fast you are going to sleep. If your room is full of lights it is hard for you to sleep as lights keeps you distracting which keeps you awake. 

But if your room is dark then it will be very easy for you to sleep. You won’t believe but you will sleep 2x faster in dark then in lightening.

You can prevail dark conditions to make yourself sleep fast. You can close all the widow and doors of your room, you can put off all the electronics in your room such as lights, lamps, smartphone, etc to prevail complete darkness. 

4. Be comfortable with your clothing and mattress.

If I tell you to sleep after wearing tight jeans and formal shirts then will you sleep. Definitely, you can’t sleep after wear such clothes and even if you manage to sleep anyhow then also it will be highly uncomfortable for you.  

So it is very important to dress up with suitable clothes in order to sleep fast. You must wear comfortable clothes which won’t trouble you while sleeping. 

Usually people wear loose and light clothes because they are the most comfortable ones. You must not wear tight or thick clothes. You must always try to wear the least number of clothes because less the number of clothes more the comfort level. 

You must also take care about your bed and mattress as they also play a very big role in your sleep. You must have a good quality mattress in order to sleep fast. 

5. Hide your alarm as well as wall clock.

When your room is completely silent and when you lie on the bed, what you hear. Of course the tik-tik of your clock which is no less than the sound of the bullet shot. 

The sound of the clock is too distracting which don’t allow you to sleep. Sometime this sound is too annoying that it make you angry. 

Moreover, whenever you aren’t able to sleep you raise your head again and again to see the time which keeps you awake. 

So it is better advised to hide your clock or just to switch it off by taking out its battery. This thing works perfectly for me.

6. Take a warm shower (to relax your body).

In order to sleep fast you need to relax your body and the best way to do this is by taking a warm shower. 

Before going to bed you can visit your bathroom and take a some warm water shower. This will not only relax your body but it will also help you to drain all your stress and tension on the complete day.

You don’t need to take bath from hot water instead use some warm water of (30°C – 50°C). A shower of 15-30 minutes is considered to be ideal. So don’t exceed it, bath for less than 30 minutes. 

In order to relax yourself better you can apply certain conditioners to your hair. If you have a bath tub you can simply lay in it for few minutes. It will relax you completely. 

7. Silent or switch off your smart phone. 

Smart phone is one of the most useful inventions in the history of this world but it is equally destructive too. If you do not use it smartly it may be further harmful.  

Have you ever gone through the situation when you are just about to sleep and you hear a notification from your phone. And on opening it you just lost into your phone for long time. 

If you face similar problems then you must immediately switch off your phone because it keeps you awake.

It acts like a enemy of your sleep, whenever you try to sleep it pokes you to stay awake. So you must always keep your phone silent or just switch it off. 

8. Try to keep your eyes open.

It sounds little weird to keep eyes open though you want to sleep fast. But believe me it is a great trick to sleep fast. 

By doing this, you just trick your mind. You tell it that you need to stay awake but your brain will feel tired and you will be able to sleep fast.

It is a simple technique which will help you sleep fast. All you need to do is that you need to try to keep your eyes open. After keeping it open for 10-15 minutes you will automatically sleep. 

9. Focus on your breadth.

As mentioned earlier you must stop thinking in order to sleep fast But it is not possible for us to stop thinking completely because it’s our nature to think..

But if you keep on thinking, You can’t sleep. So in order to overcome this problem you can focus on your breadth. 

Just don’t think anything try to feel your breadth. See how you inhale and exhale.

Lay on your bed, close your eyes and focus on your breadth. If you follow this thing for 5-10 minutes you will be in sleep.  

10. Don’t take small naps during day time.

If you have taken some snacks in the evening can you eat more food in dinner. Comparatively you will take less food in dinner. 

Similarly, if you take small sleep during day time then it will be very difficult for you to sleep during night because you had already taken a part of your sleep.

Many people, specially students use to take small naps during day time do that they can awake till late night to study.

So if you don’t want to become a night owl then avoid taking small naps during day time. If to  feel sleepy during day time then don’t sleep keep that sleep for night otherwise you need to stay awake all night. 

11. Reduce caffeine intake.

Most of us have a habit of drinking coffee more than five times a day. Some people even exceed this number. If you are a person who also. likes taking such drinks frequently then you must change your habit..

Things such as coffee, chocolate, some ice cream, pudding, soft drinks contain hight about of caffeine. 

This caffeine is not injurious for our health but it have certain chemicals which increases your concentration and make you more active. This keeps us awake therefore when ever we needed to stay awake we drink a cup of coffee or tea. 

So if you want to sleep fast you must reduce the intake of caffeine. If you like coffee too much then limit it up-to 2 times a day. 

12. Read something (books, magazines, comics etc).

13. Imagine something that pleasures you. 

14. Do something that makes you tired. 

15. Talk to someone or listen to something.

16. Avoid using smartphone, PC, TV just before going to bed.

17. Countdown the sheep ( 100 sheep, 99 sheep….). 

18. Take good meal but one hour before sleeping.

19. Change your sleeping compartment and position.

20. Take a pill (if you can’t sleep at all). 

21. Make it a routine. 

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