Handwriting is like your identity as it reveals much things about you. They are unique for every person though the style of writing may be same.

But not everyone is blessed with good handwriting. In fact a good majority of people write so badly that it sucks. It is really hard for people to read even a line.

If you find that, you too have bad handwriting then don’t panic because you are not along there are millions of people who have poor handwriting.

Anyway, Poor handwriting won’t be a big trouble for you but it will be very embarrassing if someone else find it hard to read your handwriting moreover if you are a student you may loose some marks as teachers may not understand what you have written.

Improve handwriting

So what you can do if you have a poor handwriting? Is it possible to improve handwriting?  Luckily it’s yes. You can improve handwriting, no matter how old you are.  You can also make it look beautiful if you try to improve handwriting with full enthusiasm by following the right steps.

How to improve your handwriting?

You might have tried several times to improve your handwriting but you might had not succeed because you have not followed the right steps. If you want to improve handwriting, you should keep several things in mind which I have mentioned below.

Your handwriting will not be improved magically, all of a sudden. You need to follow the steps properly given below. And you must practice it again and again until you get the desired result.

10 steps to improve handwriting

1. Find what you actually want.

First of all make it clear, how you want your handwriting look like.  Try to find out the reason that why you don’t like your handwriting. Find the problem in your handwriting and work over them. Some of the most common problems are:

  • It is not clear to be read
  • Letter are so small or too big.
  • Words are too close or too far from each other.
  • Character look similar. Ex :- ‘a’ look like ‘o’
  • etc.

Similarly you can find out the issues in your handwriting and work over them. You can fix it to improve handwriting.

2. Compare your handwriting with others’.

If you like someone else handwriting and if you want to make your handwriting look like him then compare your handwriting with their handwriting. It is not possible to make your handwriting exactly look theirs’ but you can still take a general idea that what is the difference between their and yours handwriting. What all things you are missing which their writing has.

If you find that their characters are little tilted then you can also tilt your handwriting to certain angle. I don’t say you to exactly copy their handwriting ( which is not possible also ) but you can take a blueprint. This will make it easy for you to improve handwriting.

3. Go grab the right equipments.

You cannot win a war with blunt sword, no matter how bravely you fight

Similarly You cannot make good handwriting if you don’t have proper equipment. Therefore you should wisely choose the right pens / pencil and paper. You should choose the things which fits your need.

Improve handwriting

Mostly, ink pen do a good job in making handwriting beautiful. But you can choose any pen depending on your need. If you use a pencil then make its tip sharp enough to write sharp characters.

4. Be comfortable and hold your pen perfectly.

If you are not comfortable you won’t be able to write properly moreover it is very important to hold your pen perfectly. Try to change your position and find out the most comfortable one for you. Usually people find it comfortable in straight backbone position.

Improve handwriting

You should take care about the way you hold the pen. Make proper grip and it comfortable so that it won’t trouble you while writing. You must lock the pen with your finger in right manner.

5. Do some warm up ( fidget ) before starting.

Befour running marathon almost all the Runner do a little warm up so that to get ready to run long distance. Similarly you can give some basic exercise to your hands so that you will be ready to write. You can stretch your hands and move your fingers little bit. You can even practice to write by writing certain words in air with pen. This will be like a training for the muscles of your hand. You can fidget your finger and palm.

6. Start writing slowly ( give perfect shape and size to each letter).

Don’t rush to complete the page as fast as possible instead take sufficient time in writing each character slowly and slowly. Remember, you are not writing to complete any work but to improve handwriting. You must take time in writing each letter so that you can give it the perfect shape and size to each one of them.

When you write slowly,  it is easy for you to find out your mistakes such as wrong spelling or imperfect size of characters. If you make any mistake or if you find that it don’t look good then you can make some change and make it look better.

7. Apply suitable pressure on paper ( nor too much neither too less).

A amount of pressure you lay on the paper decide the look of your handwriting. If you apply too much pressure the pen will release more ink which will make the letters bold moreover it will leave a blueprint on the other side of the page which will make it dirty.

On the other hand if you apply too less pressure the pen won’t release sufficient ink which will make the letters to light which will not be suitable to read. So apply moderate pressure on the paper to get the right look.

8. Don’t hesitate to move your hand freely.

Don’t bind your hands while writing. Keep it free and let it occupy sufficient space to write. Let it move completely to give the best shape to the letters.

9. Try to change your style of writing.

If you are unsatisfied from your writing then you should try changing the style of your writing. It is not possible to change the style so easily but if you try again and again you can get a better style of writing.

For example, if you tilt your letter then try to write it straight. This may look much better sometime.

10. Just keep writing for one week (at least two hours per day).

Consistency is still the boss, if you want to improve handwriting. We all know practice makes a man perfect and similarly practice can make your handwriting perfect.

You should consistently practice to write slowly for one week to improve handwriting. It doesn’t matter how many pages you write, either you write 10 page or 100 page. But the thing which matter is how you write and how much you develop. So don’t go for blindly filling up the pages. Do it whenever you feel like to do but never do it just for sake.

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