No one like wasting time expect some because it is such a precious thing. Someone have truly told “time is money and time is monkey”. It never waits for anyone neither for me nor for you.  

So in this condition it is very important to use it in proper way because once you loose it you are not going to have another chance. Many people suggest making a timetable in order to use it effectively.

But when they start making a timetable they find that they don’t know the right way to make it. And even if they know it they can’t tell if they have done it right. So here I have this post where you can know to make timetable.

how to make timetable

What is a time table and what is its need?

There is not any proper definition for time table but we can define it as the act of dividing time into smaller parts in which all our daily tasks are distributed such that our daily task gets organized perfectly so that we can consume our time efficiently.

They help in organizing our time properly so that we can do all the desired things in that limited time. It is not compulsory for everyone to have a time table because no like scheduling their time but if you are a student or someone who have complex schedule then you need a time table.

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The two types of time tables.

a) Short term time table

As the name suggest, short term time tables are those time tables which are made for short duration. In order words we can say that the time tables which are used temporarily are the short term time table. For example, if you make a time table specifically for your exams then those are the short term time table. 

These are easy to follow as they are for short period only and they target a specific task or goal such as exams, fitness etc. 

b) Long term time table 

These time tables are completely different. They are made as a blueprint for your daily routine. Such time tables are used permanently through out the life and they do not target any specific goal instead they are used to organize our day so that we can use our time effectively.

These are usually hard to follow as they organize your all time but once you are able to follow it then it will benefit you in many ways.

Things to consider while making time-table.

a) Have realistic goals. 

Whenever we make some time table we get too excited and we make very unrealistic type of time table which we can’t follow at all. For example, when we make a study time table then we get crazy and we use to specify 6-7 hours of study time and other time for other things.

But what really happen when we do so. We can’t follow it and if we can’t follow a timetable then what is its use. It proves to be a big failure. 

b) Make it short don’t mess it.

You don’t need to add all the little things such as dinner, shower etc to your timetable. If you add such things to your time table the it’s size will considerably increase which will make it hard for you to follow it. 

So make it short and have only the important things in it. Make it specific and straight forward so that it will be easy for you to go through it. 

c) Make it easy and interesting.

Never make your timetable look like a unsolved mystery. Always try to keep it simple as much as you can. If your timetable is too boring and ugly you are not gonna take much interest in it and hence you can’t follow it for long. 

So always try to make your timetable interesting by giving it a beautiful design and all. This will create a enthusiasm in you towards you time table. 

d) Must have some vacant time. 

No matter which type of timetable you create, you must always have some breaks or vacant time in it. It is because no one know that what will happen in the future. And it is not possible that your day will exactly move as you planned.

There might be some variation in your timetable too. You may not find that favourable conditions every time. So in order to fix this problem you must leave some vacant time of 5-10 minutes in between your time tables.

e) Don’t try to copy others timetable.

Not everyone has same schedules as others because there are. many things which are different from others. So in this case it is not that good idea to copy others’ timetable.

You must have your own timetable  which have your own tasks and time being organized by you because you can understand your problem better than others. 

5 simple steps on how to make timetable.

1. Figure out all the tasks you need to do. 

The very first thing you need to do is to figure out all the tasks you need the  follow everyday.  Sit at a place quietly and have a pen and a paper with you. Think about all the things you do everyday and which you need to follow regularly. 

Write down the main goal or important things first such as study, play etc. Then go for the little things which are not that important. You don’t need to write the useless the useless things such as bath, dinner, tooth brushing etc because it is not possible for you to follow little things.

Don’t make your timetable too strict by adding only the importance things. Your timetable must have all the things which you need to do. Just don’t add only working tasks you must try to add some entertainment things for you too. 

Have a proper balance of entertainment and work otherwise you cannot follow your timetable for long. 

2. State appropriate time to all task.

Once you have listed out all the task you need to do you can state appropriate time to all the tasks. It order to make you distribution easy you can make a list of your time too. 

You can find where you spend most of your time such as school or office and once you have done it go for rough distribution. 

Give appropriate time to all the task don’t give it blindly. You must understand what time is best fitted to each task. If you give too must to the task then you may not have sufficient time for other tasks. And if you give too less time to the task then you can’t do that task properly. 

Making mistake in any of them could lead to inefficient timetable. So always try to give accurate time to all of your task neither too much nor too less.  

Also, make sure to leave some vacant time between your schedule so that if there is any unexpected additional task you can manage the time properly. 

Instead of giving time to small task such as bathing, brushing etc you can make a separate time for all in a group such as you need to get ready in one hour.  Now this one hour include all the little things such as getting up, bathing, getting fresh etc. 

3. Don’t miss out holidays, deadlines and other important dates.

You must look at the calender before making a timetable and find out all the holidays, deadlines and other important dates. This will make your timetable more accurate and easy to follow. 

If you have any holiday then you can add some additional tasks to your timetable. You must also mention all the exam dates or assignment submission date or it’s deadline.

This will make your timetable more informative and this will help you for an effective planning for your upcoming dates.

4. Make a rough time table and then go for proper one. 

Once you have all the information don’t rush to fill all the columns and rows of timetable. Take some time and make a rough one first so that you could have a perfect idea on how will your timetable look clean and elegant. Try to make your rough timetable as if you are making the actual one.

Once you find everything perfect just go for making a proper timetable. You can make it either on your PC using MS EXCEL or you can even go for hand made one. 

Once you decide the platform, start making you timetable. For that you can choose your own layout but a good majority of people use rows and columns so it is better to go with it. 

After choosing the layout, start filling your timetable by tasks and time. Make sure you do everything correctly. After making it recheck all the thing to ensure everything is fine. 

If you had made it on PC then take a printout. Finally you will have your timetable with you. Now don’t stop there, try to make it look attractive and creative. You can do that by making some designs over it. But don’t overwhelm, make it look clean and simple.

You can paste your timetable on the wall or anywhere else but make sure that it is visible to you so that whenever you wake up your eyes see the timetable first.

5. Follow it honestly everyday.

After doing this much hard work it’s time follow your timetable. If you don’t follow your timetable honestly then there is no meaning in working so hard to make it. You must be true to yourself. Remember you have made this timetable for yourself, so no one else is going to remind you to follow it. 

Initially it might be little difficult to go through the exact routine you have made. But don’t loose your heart, you won’t need to see the timetable again and again you will automatically follow it. 

If you feel that you have skipped or missed any of the task mentioned in your timetable then it doesn’t mean that you will skip the whole timetable. At this point you may feel to start from next day but never do that. Start from that time itself. 

Once you are able to create a habit of following the timetable then you will surely be able to consume your time effectively.


It is not that hard to make a proper timetable that works.  All you need to know is the right way to organize your time. If you have gone through the article properly then you would have surly understood the right way of making a timetable. Use the tips mentioned above and make the best timetable of all time. If you have any clarification then fell free to contact me on [email protected]

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