How to motivate myself? Are you asking the same question.

Motivation is the thing which keeps you pumping up for doing anything. It tells you that you need to accomplish your goal at any cost.

It is not a very big thing and it is not so hard to build too but if you don’t have motivation you won’t be able to accomplish your goal so easily.

Motivation is not something which is developed in a day. It is a series of incident and mindset. It takes long time for anyone to get motivated deeply.

But here I have a list of things you can do to increase your motivation to massive level.

10 ways to motivate yourself

1. Flush all your negative thoughts and be positive.

Start with keeping your mind positive. The biggest thing which demotivate you are the senseless negative thoughts. It pulls down your confidence level and makes you demotivated. So remove all the negative thoughts from your mind and get up with some positive thoughts.

Stop thinking about the adverse effects of your Failure. Think about the sweet reward. Most importantly, don’t mind what others say. Some will say good and some will say bad.  Some will support you but some will oppose. Everybody will say something, don’t mind anyone. Concentrate on your goal with positive mind.

2. Build some enthusiasm and interest ( think about good reward )

If you have interest you can run and win a long marathon but if you don’t have that enthusiasm you can run a 100 meter race also. So in order to accomplish your goal you must build some interest in it. If you will be interested you can easily accomplish any goal. And hence you will be much motivated.

You must think why you are doing it and what are it’s possible outcomes? Think about the sweet fruits you would get after accomplishing your goal. You will be definitely motivated.

3. Have some role model for your life.

Almost everybody have some role models from which they get inspired. He can be a cricketer, an actor, a singer, a motivational speaker or some one else who have already accomplished that goal earlier. It can be someone from your family may be your father, mother or brother. 

You should also have a inspirational body in your life so that whenever you see him you get some motivation to move ahead. 

4. Think that you can do it best.

Another thing you can do to motivate yourself is to think that you can do that task better that anyone. You can only do it best and not anyone else can do it better than you. This will motivate you because after some time you will start believing that you are better than others. 

5. Read success stories of people.

Best way to motivate yourself is by reading success stories of other people who had already accomplished goals similar to you. It will not only motivate you but you will also get some idea that you should do and what you should prevent. You can learn from their mistakes. 

Reading others success stories will give you a feeling that if they can do it then why can’t you. In this way you will be filled with motivation. 

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6. Nail your goals on the walls.

Make a list of your goals on a paper and paste and nail it over the walls of your room or at any other visible place. Also write down some motivational thoughts and picture of someone who motivate you. 

Every morning you wake up, you will see your goals and other things on the wall which will motivate you every morning. And you will be motivated for the whole day. 

7. Break your goals much smaller.

What if I say you to hammer and break a mountain? You will say that it’s impossible, right. But what if I say you to break a small rock? You will easily break it. 

Similarly if you focus on your goal as a whole you will find it very hard and you will be demotivated that you can do it. But if you break your goals in smalls parts and focus on each small part then you will find it very easy and you will be motivated that I can do it easily. So it is better to break your big goal into smaller parts. 

8. Reward your self for every success ( big or small ).

Reward yourself for every success you find either small or big. When you will reward yourself you will think that I have completed or accomplished something and I am. capable of doing it. This will motivate you for a bigger achievement. 

9. Face and tackle your fear.

If you fear from something which demotivate you then try to face that problem without any hesitation. If you would be able to overcome your fear you will not have anything to demotivate you and hence you will be motivated. 

10. Have a support of someone.

Do you know why Cricket teams have their own cheer leaders? They are their to support them which motivate them to play. Everytime they score some run they cheer for them which motivate each player of the team to play better.

Similarly, if you will have someone to cheer for you when you achieve something and support you in your failures then you will be automatically motivated to move ahead. 

The bottom line

Motivation is very important to achieve even the most smaller goal. It is not that hard to build if you know the right methods to get motivated. If you want to get motivated then you can follow the methods given above. I hope you won’t ask again how to motivate myself? 




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