How to overcome stage fear easily within few steps.


Once I took a survey among my friends and asked them what makes you fear the most. Out of 10, seven of my friends told that they fear from going to the stage. They had stage fear. This shows that a good majority of  people don’t have the courage to present something on the stage. They usually wonder how to overcome stage fear?

Have you ever realized that on going to stage and on facing the audience your legs started shivering, your heart started to beat much faster,  your body started sweating and you forgot everything you prepared. That’s what we say stage fear.

If you are a student, a big business man or some employee then you may probably get some changes to present various things on the stage but you don’t accept that opportunity because of your stage fear.

Not only a children but also adults get frightened whenever they go to stage. No matter what are you going to present. A speech, dance performance or a song. Your heart will beat with the same speed,  your body is going to shiver with same frequency and your body is gonna sweat in same amount. I mean that your will have same stage fear. Hence the methods are applicable in all conditions.

How to overcome stage fear – 10 best methods

stage fear

1. Be well contented and prepared.

No matter what you are going to present, either a speech or some dance performance you should be well contented and prepared for it. People usually face a problem that on seeing the audience they get nervous and they forget everything. So be prepared for it.

Don’t ever think that you can develop some content on the stage while presenting yourself, never. If you don’t practice it then you may probably forget everything and you will become a reason for the audience to laugh. So practice it properly.

2. Be comfortable.

What I have really realized is that if I don’t get comfortable the environment then I can’t present myself properly. So the next thing you need to do is to get comfortable in that environment.

First of all stand in a proper position and keep your hands free and don’t fidget, Stop playing with your fingers. Don’t shrink your body keep it free. Then when you present yourself move your body as much as possible, you will feel better.

3. Relax your body and mind.

If your are too tensed then before going to stage only you will be afraid. So keep yourself relaxed and cheering before going to stage.

You can listen to the music to keep yourself relaxed. You can play your favorite mobile game to keep your mind happy.  You should laugh as much as possible by watching some comedy show or by reading comics.

If you don’t have much time to relax yourself then you can close your eyes and take deep breaths to relax your body. You can even try some meditation to keep your mind calm.

4. Do a little warm-up.

Exercising is a good way to keep your body active. You can jump,  do some twist and turns,  etc to increase the blood circulation in your body.

If you have sufficient time then you can try playing your favourite game like badminton, table tennis, etc to do some warm up.

5. Try to look confident.

Some one have have truly told that if you feel beautiful then you look beautiful same way if you feel confident you will look confident. If you feel confident then the audience will think that you are not nervous and well practiced.

In order to look confident you can do various things :

• Keep a smile on your face

• Stand properly

• Talk effectively

• Make straight eye contact

• Keep your body free don’t shrink


6. Think positive not negative.

Positive thinking is very important in order to overcome stage fear. The way you think is the way you get. If you will think about all the possible negative things then you can’t present yourself on the stage.

Don’t think that I can’t do it, I may fell down or I will forget something. Instead be positive and think that I am the only one who can do it. You will feel confident and you can do it much better.

If you are unable to think positive then better not to think anything. Keep your mind calm and relaxed by taking deep breath.

7. Immediately heal your mistakes.

If you are doing something on the stage in front of huge number of audience then their are huge number of changes for you to make a mistake. Its too obvious.

But if you are unable to recover that mistake then that is going to be a big problem. So recover or heal your mistakes as soon as you make it.

For example, while giving speech you mispronounced some word then don’t get panic instead say sorry and continue. Don’t take any break continue from their immediately.

8. Eat light but healthy food.

Make sure that befour going to stage you eat sufficient food. But don’t over eat. Try to have a light breakfast. Otherwise if you eat too much you may feel uncomfortable.

But don’t let your stomach be empty. Otherwise you may suffer from the problems of acidity and hence you may not be able to present yourself properly.

And don’t forget to visit toiled before going to the stage. Otherwise you may get into the trouble on the stage.

9. Focus on your job.

If you get in the stage you will find so many peope . Andkn seeing tgek you may feel so nervous to present yourself. But don’t panic take a deep breath and focus on the task you are there to do. 

Once you start present yourself don’t mind the public keep going. And don’t stop until you end it. Don’t think about what the public is going to think about you. Just focus on what you are doing.

10. Treat the audience as your friend.

You know what is the biggest problem people face on the stage? They can’t face their audience. On seeing the audience their mind blows out. So how can tackle this problem? It easy and it is the best answer for this question ” how to overcome stage fear “.

Treat your audience as your friend. Try to get comfortable with them. You can make some joke to make the atmosphere lite. Make eye contack with them but don’t stare at them. Look at everyone no matter who is that person. Once you are able to face them it will be very easy for you to present yourself.

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