How to reduce stress? A very common question which troubles many adults and teens. 

Stress,  a very familiar word to all of us. Almost every adult and teen have experienced stress. It is a kind of mental illness in which our brain is under extreme pressure and tension. This pressure can be of studies, job, money, relationship etc. 

Stress is not a very dangerous problem as it is very common for all.  But it is a problem when you can’t tolerate it. 

If you can’t take it any more you must immediately take some action to reduce your stress otherwise it may further increase creating a big problem for you. 

There are many ways by which you can reduce your stress but not all are that effective methods. So here I have a list of 15 methods by which you can reduce your stress. And I am sure that you won’t ask again -how to reduce stress? So let’s get into the list. 

15 ways to reduce stress

1. Stop thinking much and try to be positive to reduce stress.

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Stress have many causes but the most common cause are the load of work and some emotional incidents. If you think too much about it you will have more tension and hence there are changes for your stress to grow further. And thinking too much about it will not give any solution for your problem so keep your mind calm and try to reduce stress.  

Moreover your negative thoughts will work as a salt over your wounds. Your negative thoughts will make you depressed which is not at all good for you. Instead of thinking negatively try to think about the good things and try to be more positive. 

2. Try to be in calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Your mood is mostly dependent on the environment and atmosphere you live. If the environment around you is calm and peaceful your mood will also reflect in the same way. If the atmosphere is too messy and unpleasant, there are changes for you to be more stressed. 

You must also try to maintain a positive atmosphere so that you may feel positive. To do so you can get the company of the people who think positive so that they can support you. 

3. Take slow and deep breaths.

Taking deep breaths is beneficial in many ways. It enables the maximum supply of oxygen in your blood which keeps you active and focused moreover it reduces tension in your mind and hence reduces your stress. 

You must try to breadth slow and deep which makes you feel better and helps you to fix problems much faster. This also develops a positive attitude in your mind.  

TIP :- Always breadth through nose and avoid breathing through mouth. This is because your nose have various defense systems like hairs and sticky secretion which entraps the dust particles and other microbes. But these are not present in mouth hence duct enter in your body. 

4. Take sufficient sleep (One hours extra).

Sleep is very important for your body and your mood. If you don’t take sufficient sleep you may face various problems in doing any task. Moreover if you don’t take proper sleep you may feel very lazy and unhappy which will aging cause stress in you.  

If you already suffering from stress, it is advised that you must take some extra sleep in order to give some rest to your mind so that you can overcome stress.

Many people accept that taking some extra sleep help them to regain their mental health to certain level. You can take 60-70 min of extra sleep. But don’t take very long sleep too. 

5. Take healthy food (avoid heavy meal). 

Your stomach is the source for you to live which means you need to keep your stomach happy in order to be happy.  Taking improper diet may lead to malnutrition in your body which is not good for you, both mentally and physically. 

If you want to reduce your stress, you must first feed yourself properly. Avoid all kind of junk food and try to eat light food. Overeating can make your mood lazy and your stress will overwhelm.

6. Practice daily exercising and try meditation.

Exercising is a way to keep yourself fit and active bit only physically but also mentally. If you follow a tough schedule, you should secure some time for exercising so that you can keep yourself fit. It is not important to exercise for hours instead if you don’t have much time you can do it for 15-30 min. You can also do some yoga to to reduce stress. 

how to reduce stress

If you want to reduce stress you can do some meditation too. Meditation will help you to develop some control over your mind. This will help you to control your stress.

7. Listen to your favourite music (no sad songs). 

Music can help you to reduce your stress. Music have some magic in it which reduce your tension and pressure. When you listen to some music you forget all the ugly stuffs for some time and you reach some other world. 

How to reduce stress

You can listen to your favourite song or the artist you like. You can listen classical music (recommended), romantic songs, etc but avoid sad songs because they will increase your tension and you will me more stressed. It will multiply your stress. 

8. Avoid smart phones and PC. 

Mobile phones and PC might a good way to do some time pass but if you are stressed try to avoid it. Use it when it is extremely important otherwise don’t use it. 

It is because during stress your mind is already under certain pressure and if you use mobile phones at that time you may feel uncomfortable as the radiations coming from it directly effect your brain. Moreover can make your mood sad. 

9. Read books and magazines.

When you read books, you reach some other world. You temporarily forget all the useless stuffs which lay tension on you. You totally get lost into the stories which give you a better experience. In this way your stress get reduced. 

Moreover it is a good way to do some time pass. You can read comics, dramatic stories, magazines and anytime else you like. But again, avoid sad one’s. 

10. Avoid caffeine intake. 

If you are an adult there are chances for you take high amount of caffeine through coffee, tea, soft drinks etc specially when you are suffering from stress. You must try to avoid such things as they directly effect your neural system. 

They are not bad for your health but they effect your brain. They are more injurious for your mind. They disturb your neural system increasing you mental alertness.

So if you think that taking such things will reduce your stress then you are wrong. 

11. Relax your body and brain. 

If you want to reduce your stress, you must relax your body so that you may feel little better. You can go to a message parlor to relax yourself. You can get a message therapy to relax your muscles. 

You can go to swimming pool,  you can visit an amusement park, etc to relax yourself. 

12. Accompany your best friend.

A friend is the best person who can help you to reduce your stress. He will make you laugh, he will help you to enjoy your life to the fullest. He / she can help you to lighten your mood.  When you will accompany a good friend you will forget all your tension which will reduce your stress. 

You can go out with your friend or you can spend some quality time with him / her. You can play some games together or you can just have some casual talk. 

13. Laugh more and more.

It is hard to laugh when you are sad and it is hard to be sad when you laugh. So what you want to tolerate with sadness or laugher. I know laugher because laughter is the best medicine for any disease and highly effective when you are stressed or tensed. It is a good way to overcome your stress. 

Many studies have shown that person who laugh more stay mentally fit and healthy. It also improves your neural functioning. So if you want to reduce your stress you must laugh more.

You can watch funny movie or serial, you can read humorous stories and book etc to laugh more. You can also accompany a friend who is very funny. 

14. Hang out with your friends or family.

A gray way to get rid off from your stress is by going out with your friends or family. You can visit any zoo, any restaurant, any Amusement park, another city etc to relax yourself and forget all the thoughts which give you stress. You can also travel abroad and explore new places if you have that budget. 

15. Find the cause of your stress and work over it.

How to reduce stress

If you know the reason for your stress it will be very easy for you to tackle it. Find out what factors are contributing in your stress. Take some time and sit peacefully and try to identify the reason behind it. Make a list of all possible reasons for your stress..

Once you know the reasons for your stress try to fix it. Spend one hour per day to solve your problem and try to clear it from its root. Take help of your friends and family in fixing the problem. Once you are able to overcome those problems your stress will automatically decrease. 

Parting words

Stress is one of the most common problem for is in today’s world. Although it is not a serious problem it is very hard to tolerate with it. But it is not that hard to reduce stress.  If you follow the tips given above you will definitely be able to overcome your stress and live your life again. I hope you won’t ask again how to reduce stress? 


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