Oh shit! Exams are ahead and I need to score good marks in exams. But I don’t know how can I improve my grades. How to score good marks in exams. Are you wondering the same question?

Don’t worry you are not along. There are good majority of students who want to improve their marks but they can’t because they don’t  know the right way to study.

You always want to know how do toppers study that they get so good marks but you need to understand that they don’t have any magic or spell which they do to get good marks. They are also student like you but the thing which make them different is their way of studying.

How to score good marks

It is not like they have sharp mind but they organize their study and time effectively. And more importantly they are hardworking. I have never found a topper who don’t study. They get good marks because they actually study and understand the stuffs.

If you don’t run you will never win marathon. Similarly if you don’t study you won’t get good marks. However you don’t need to study for hours and hours to score good marks in exams. All you need is a proper planning and a little hard work.

To make your study easy I have provided you twenty seven things which will help you for sure to score good marks in exam. All you need to do is to understand the ideas given below and to implement it in your studies. I am very sure that after reading this post you won’t ask how to score good marks in exams.

27 tips to score good marks in exam

Preparing for exams.

1. Concentrate in classes and clear all concept.

A common thing I have noticed that all the toppers use to concentrate in class. They use to understand the concept properly. They listen to the teacher carefully and even ask their doubts. They don’t keep anything for future they understand everything properly that they don’t need to understand that thing again.

How to score good marks

You should also concentrate in class to clear your concepts. If you don’t understand something, don’t hesitate stand up and ask it clearly. If your concept won’t be clear how will you answer it in exam. You will have a choice to learn it word by word which is very poor habit. Because you can get some marks, but it will not benefit you anyway.

If you are unable to concentrate in class then I have some tips for you.

  • Listen to your teacher carefully.
  • Write important notes and summary.
  • Be active in class and ask questions to teacher.
  • Avoid dreaming in class.
  • Avoid useless talks while teacher is teaching, etc.

2. Make small notes.

habit of maintaining diary

If you ever realized, toppers usually make great notes. You can see the difference when you compare it with yours. You will find that they write all the essential things other than making it an essay.

Believe me it’s very beneficial during exams.  It is like a shortcut to recollect things easily. You don’t need to learn all the things but you can go through your notes once to understand it easily.

Notes are short summary of the chapter. It is written by understanding the chapters which covers all the topics in short. It has the main points which is necessary to learn.

If you don’t want to write, then you can just highlight the main points while the teacher teach. Here are some tips to make outstanding notes.

  • Write it while your teacher teach.
  • Go for the main points instead of writing essay.
  • Make diagrams to understand better.
  • Don’t copy others ( that’s useless )
  • Make it short but cover all topics, etc.

3. Complete all your homework.

Toppers are always up-to date. They never keep anything for the next day. They always complete all their works on time. Whatever they get,  either some small homework, any project, or any assignment they will complete their work in time at any cost.

Homework is a big issue with many students as a good majority of students don’t like doing their homework and don’t take it seriously but you should know that homework reflects in your result. If you don’t complete your homework in time it will slowly become a big burden for you.

So you should always complete your homework in time to get good marks in exam. Some tips for completing your homework :

  • Complete it on time.
  • Don’t copy others’ homework.

4. Don’t take studies so seriously.

How to score good marks

Teacher often tell you to take studies seriously but I recommend you not to take it so seriously. If you are forced to do a work you will not like doing it but if you do anything with your interest you will do it perfectly.

If you take studies very seriously, you will feel that you are being compelled to study. Hence, you will not like studying. Moreover you will have a guilt and fear to studies. So instead of taking it so seriously, take it easy.

But that don’t mean that you will stop studying. You should study properly but not out of fear but with interest. If you don’t have interest in studies try to build some interest otherwise it will be very hard for you to study.

5. Don’t memorize but understand.

I have seen many students memorizing the topics. They don’t understand it but simply keep on reading it so that to learn it. By doing this they can get some marks in exam but that won’t benefit him at all. This practice is very poor because it make the students, book worms.

If you understand the things, then it will be very easy for you to score good marks. And once you understand it you will remember it for years. You don’t even need to revise it, it will automatically click in your mind.

You don’t know what is force but you blindly keep on memorizing it. Is that any beneficial? Definitely no,  if you don’t understand it ask it to you teacher or ask your friends. But don’t be in suspense about any topic.

6. Focus on your weak subjects.

Everybody have some strong subjects and some weak subjects. If you don’t know what is your weak subject, then go through your result and find out the subjects in which you got the least marks. Those are your weak subjects.

Once you know your weak subjects, try to improve it. Find out where you do the mistake and then work over it so that in your next exam you won’t lose your marks in those subjects.

But don’t focus only on your weak subjects. If you will do so your strong subjects will become your weak subjects. So focus on all subjects but give some special treatment to your weak subjects.

7. Follow your teacher.

When your exams are near, almost all the teacher give you one-two chapters everyday to study.  If you just follow your teacher you can easily revise all the chapters without taking much burden.

This will help you to score good marks in exam because you will be much prepared for it.

8. Make a habit of daily learning.

Good students always make a habit of daily studying. They use to study everyday at some fixed time. You should also study everyday at some fixed time. It is not important to study for hours, if you study for 30 min that is also sufficient. But make sure you study everyday at same time.

It is better to make a time table for your study. You can find some free time and reserve it for studying. No matter, whether you study early morning, in the afternoon or in the mid night. The thing which you should be careful about is that you study every day at the same time.

Initially, you will have some problem in studying everyday but after some time you will automatically sit to study. This will surely improve your studies and hence your marks will be improved

9. Help other students.

If you know something which others don’t then you don’t hesitate to help them. If they ask you anything, instead of showing ego help them. This will not not only benefit others but it will also help you.

Someone have told that ” Knowledge is the thing which increases when you share it with others. More you share more you get”

So whenever you help other students, you share your knowledge hence your knowledge increases. It is like a revision because you recall all the things which you have understood. Moreover it develops your confidence because each time you help someone you feel so good and proud that I was capable of doing this.

10. Accompany good students.

Friendship is very important part of student life. Your friends play a big role in deciding your future. If you accompany good friends your future will be bright but if you had some bad company your future is more likely to be in dark. This has a big reason.

Good people will always think and talk good things and bad people will always go for bad things. So whenever you are in the company of good students, they will usually talk about studies and good future. Moreover you can ask your doubts to them and take their help in studies. On the other hand bad students will talk about useless things and will make you poor like them.

So before doing friendship, analyze that person properly.  See what he talks, how he live etc.

11. Practice sample paper.

You can solve some sample papers or previous years papers to understand your capabilities. Sit in a room quietly, close the door and set timer according to the time given on the paper. Start solving the paper without, without cheating.

Solve it without taking any break same as a paper. Assume that you are sitting in the exam hall. After completing the paper check it yourself. Be strict and don’t give extra marks. Solving sample is beneficial in many ways:

  • It help to find your capabilities.
  • You get some idea about the time management.
  • It gives you an idea, how to solve paper.
  • It improves your writing skill, etc.

12. Practice making well labeled diagram.

Not all the students are good at drawing, in fact only 1 out of 20 knows how to draw properly though all people have some basic skill of drawing. Anyway most of the people don’t know how to draw and hence they lose marks in diagrams in exam. If you don’t want to lose marks in diagrams then you should try to draw well labeled diagrams at home.

You don’t need to do it every day.  But you can start practicing diagrams a week before exams. You can start with rough diagrams and then you can go for making realistic one’s. Try making it until to make it perfectly without seeing it in the book. Once you make it perfect you will perform really well in exam in terms of diagram.

It will become really easy for you to make it exam because your hands will automatically draw it. And you can complete it really quick as you will be much prepared and hence you can secure some time.

Things to do a day before exam

13. Don’t take heavy meal ( drink enough water )

Due to tension and stress of exam, many students take very heavy meal before going to exam and some don’t eat at all. Both of the conditions are bad. If you take very heavy meal,  your digestive system will start to digest and you will feel sleepy moreover your thinking capacity will decrease.

On the other hand if you don’t eat at all,  your digestive system will not have any thing to digest and hence some acidic conditions may prevail due to high you may feel some pain. Therefor you must eat light food before going to exam.

You must drink sufficient water before going to exam because if you get dehydrated while writing exam then it will distract you and you can think properly.

14. Eat chocolate and drink coffee.

As I have told you to eat something light you can eat chocolate and drink coffee to be active in the exam. Cocoa present in the chocolate and coffee is very beneficial for you during your exam. It keep you active and increase your thinking capabilities.

15. Take sufficient sleep.

Studying is good but while studying don’t forget to take good sleep but it is like a fuel for you to work. If you don’t take sufficient sleep you won’t be able to think properly as you will feel to sleep while writing exam. Sleep on 6-8 hours is marked as sufficient for adult human.

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16. Don’t talk too much and keep your mind calm.

If you talk too much before going to exam hall your mind will collect all the useless things and all the things you have studied will be washed away. So keep your mind calm and speak less and avoid useless talks.

17. Don’t study just before writing the exam.

I have seen many students going at their book before entering the exam hall. They try to revise everything in 10-20 min of time before the exam. I feel it to be very useless because I never got any extra marks doing this. Moreover when you do it you get too frustrated and tense situation prevail in your mind. But it is advised to keep your mind calm. So don’t study just before entering the exam hall.

18. Carry all the essential stuffs for writing exam.

Before going to exam make sure that you have all the necessary supplies to write the exam. Because if you miss anyone of the things you may get into the trouble and there is a chance for you to lose some marks. You can’t even ask anyone for it. So make sure you have your geometry box,  pen,  pencil,  exam pad, etc.

Things to do while writing exam

19. Read the question paper properly.

After getting the question paper, don’t rush to complete it instead utilize some time in reading the question paper. Usually, you get 15 min to read the question paper so use it in analyzing the paper. When you will read the question paper you will get some idea about the time management. You can find out how hard or easy the paper is and accordingly you can write it.

20. Try to answer the questions in mind.

When you read the question in the question paper, try to answer it in your mind as you read the question. This will help you to know how many answers you know and how much you can write about it. Moreover, it will be easy for you to write the answers as you had already answered it in your mind.

21. Schedule your time effectively.

A big problem with students is that they can’t manage their time properly and they don’t get sufficient time to answer the questions due to which they can’t answer all the questions and lose marks. So if you don’t want to loose marks in exam due insufficient time then you should manage your time smartly. You can do it while reading the question paper.

22. Start with easy question.

Start writing with the question you know because if you start with difficult questions there is a possibility that you can’t answer it properly and hence you will be panic.

You will think that you can’t answer any question properly due to which you will be frustrated. Due to this your thinking capability will decrease due to which you can give your exam properly.

23. Attempt all the questions.

The worst thing in your answer sheet are the blank lines left by you. You don’t write anything and simply leave some blank space. This is very poor.  If you don’t know some answer don’t leave it,  try to write something.

Brainstorm your mind and find something to write. Because something is better than nothing. If you don’t attempt the question, it is sure that you will not get any mark for that. But if you write something you may get some marks.

24. Highlight the main points in long answers.

While you write answers,  try to highlight moan points in the answer specially when your answer is too long. This will help your teacher to give you marks easily. Moreover they will think you to be a good student.

25. Do all the diagrams and graph at last.

Making diagrams and graphs consume a lot of time but they don’t carry that much marks. So it is better to attempt other questions first which carry high marks and all the diagrams and graphs at last. So even if you don’t get much time you would have completed other questions of high marks.

26. Keep your answer sheet neat and clean.

All teachers like neat answer sheet no one like to read answer sheet with poor handwriting and messy diagrams. And if they don’t understand something they may reduce your marks.

So if your don’t want to loose your marks uselessly then keep your answer sheet neat and clean. You don’t need to make it super beautiful but make it clear so that your teacher could read and understand it.

27. Recheck all the answer twice.

No one is perfect and everyone has a tendency to make mistakes and even you. So it is better to check your answer sheet twice because there is a possibility for you to make mistakes. If you don’t get time try to secure some time to check it. This practice had saved many marks of mine. And it can save yours too.

The bottom line

If you have little interest and if you are ready to do a little hard work then no one can stop you from getting good marks in exams. You can follow the tips given above to get good marks in exam. I hope after reading this post you got your answer, how to score good marks in exams? If you find it helpful give me it’s credit by sharing it with your friends so that they could also learn something.

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