How to score good marks in maths – ranker’s secret.


Maths is the most horrible subject for many students. And the only reason for their fear is that they don’t love this subject. 

From my class 1st onwards maths is my favorite subject. I don’t know why people don’t like maths. It has every quality for being the best subject. 

It don’t make a student book worm, it sharpens your mind,  it challenges your intelligence, it keep you engaged for long and if you have even 1% interest in it then you won’t get bored of it. 

Though many students don’t like this subject and they can’t score good marks. 

If you are among those students who can’t score good marks in maths or if you want to know some tips to score better marks in it then I have 10 tips which I followed to score good marks in maths.

how to score good marks in maths exam

How to score good marks in maths- 10 effective tips.

Before exam

1. Clear and understand the concept.

During my school times many of my friends got less marks in maths only because they didn’t understood the concept properly.

Suppose I gave you an aeroplane, can you control and drive that aeroplane without understanding and knowing the basic controls. Definitely not.

Similarly, if you don’t understand the basic concepts you cannot solve the problems.

If you can’t understand the concepts at once, ask it again and again to your teacher without hesitation. Don’t think that your question is not good or senseless. Or other students may laugh on me. 

Always remember that there is nothing like reputation in front of your teacher. If you make a mistake you are not going to lose anything.

I have often many students memorising math questions. I don’t understand how they do it. Is it possible to learn all the math questions. At least for me it is impossible. If you simply understand the concept you don’t need to do any hardwork in learning the questions.

 Maths is not a subject to be memorised but to be understood. It’s motive is not to check your memory power but to sharp your mind. 

2. Learn all the formula and theorem.

I know that maths is not a subject to be memorised but there is something which you need to memorize and that are the formula and theorems. 

It is not compulsory to learn all the formulas and theorems. You can learn the basic one’s and then you can derive to all. But that is a long process and you can’t practice it everytime. Therefore it is better to learn all of them.

Formula and theorems are important as in maths formula work as the key to open the door of correct answer. If you don’t know then you can’t react that door. 

If you don’t memorize them properly you may fell into problem during your exams.  Due to this you may lose a part of your time and hence you may not get sufficient time to complete your exam. So memorize all the formulas and theorems.

3. Overcome your fear and be confident.

One of the biggest reason for failure in maths is their fear to maths subject. I don’t understand why people are afraid of maths. 

It is such an adventurous subject that gives me kick with every question I solve. But many students find it too hard to solve maths question. And that is because they are not confident of it.

Before starting to slow the question, many student fear that they are not able to do it. At least start doing it. No matter you get wrong or right answer, at least you try. 

Be confident and say that I know how to solve this question and I can solve it. And you can do it by yourself without any one’s help. 

4. Practice aging and again.

You know what determines the good performance of a student? It’s the number of times they spend it practicing it. What I have realized is that all the students who perform really well in their exams,  use to practice their subjects and again.

Go back in your childhood when you where hardly able to move 5-10 steps on foot. But now you can run also. Do you know why?  Because you practiced to stand and walk aging and again until you succeeded in your child hood. You fallen down, you got pains but still you tried and tried to walk and stand.

If you were that hardworking in your child hood then why not now. You have the ability to get good marks in maths but it won’t be true until you work hard. 

If you want to become master in maths then you need to practice solving questions aging and again even if you know it. I don’t say you to solve one question multiple times. But I am saying you to try solving different questions. 

Doing this will help you to get good experience and scientifically it will increase your number of neurons in your brain. 

5. Help other students.

You might have often realized that good students often help other students. This helps them in various ways. It helps them to make good relationship with other students.  This helps them to keep themselves engaged in classes. Most importantly it helps them to strengthen their maths subject.

Do you know what is the thing which increases when you share it? More you share more you get. And that is knowledge and education.

Keeping this thing in mind, whenever you help other students you share more education and hence you get enriched by education. 

I know students usually ask their doubts to good students only but it doesn’t mean that you will not get a chance to help. You will also get various chance to help other students and don’t miss it if you know their questions answer. 

During exam

1. Read the question paper carefully.

During every exam we all get time to read question paper.You should use your time to read the question paper properly. You should try to find out, the questions which you can answer and which you cannot. During reading the question brainstorm it’s answer so that it will be easy for you to answer it.

2. Go for proper time management.

One of biggest complain students do, is that they didn’t got sufficient time to solve all the questions. This occurs due to improper time management. You should always try to predict the time for all the questions and accordingly you can manage your time. In order to save some time you should go for the easier questions first. 

3. Do the construction works at last.

Construction is one of the most time consuming part of the question paper hence you should go for it at last. Other questions usually need focus and your mind. When you start writing the exam you have the maximum focusing power and your mind is calm. Hence do all the local questions first and construction works at last. 

4. Recheck your answer twice.

No one is perfect and everyone is likely to make some mistake. And hence you also have some chance to make a mistake in the exam. Hence you should recheck your answer sheet at least twice. This practice had saved my marks in many of my exams. So you should also practice checking your answer sheet after writing the exam in order to save your marks.

5. Keep your answer sheet neat and clean.

This is not a compulsory thing but it is a good habit. If you mess all of your answer then your answer sheet will look very ugly and will have a negative effect on the person who is checking your paper. If you keep your answer sheet neat and clean you may have some chance to get some extra marks. 

So these were some of the ways which you can follow in order to get good marks in maths exam. 

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