How to speak English fluently – 8 simple but effective steps


How to speak English fluently? It’s not an hard job but still it is not possible for everyone to speak a fluent English even though everyone can speak a few simple words in English.

As an Indian I have seen many people struggling to speak English fluently but only a few succeed. 

But if you don’t want to fail to speak fluent English then you can follow the methods mentioned below in the article to speak English like a pro. 

But before getting into the list let us know why it is important to be familiar with English.

English has a great significance. It is our international language which means if you know English you can survive in any country.

In almost all interviews and jobs English is very important. If you don’t know you won’t be able to pass those interviews and can’t be able to get job.

As it is an international language, almost all the books, apps,  and websites uses English as their primary Language. Therefore it is important to know English. 

If you speak English rather than your local language, it adds up some positive effect on your personality. Overall it is very important to be fluent in English.

How to speak English fluently

How to speak English fluently like a pro.

1. Watch English movies and read English books.

This thing might be proved beneficial for you. If you want to speak English properly, first see how other people speak it. ” When you see things practically you understand it much better “. So observe them, see their expressions, their speed of speaking, observe the words they use etc.  

And the best way to do this thing is by watching English movies. As a fact, I have learned about twenty per cent of English from Hollywood movies and cartoons. 

Initially, while watching English movies you may be little uncomfortable but later onwards you will enjoy it. Watching English movies will help you to make a blueprint of English. So from next time onward you can follow those blueprint. 

Watching English movies and reading books will help you to develop your vocabulary which will be very beneficial for you.  So watch English movies and read books. 

2. Speak in English with your friends and family.

If you practice any thing many times, you improve yourself. More you practice, more you improve. Same way if you practice talking or speaking in English again and again, your English becomes far strong. 

But how can you practice it? You can do it by talking to your own family members or friends in English. No matter how good or bad you speak. The thing which matter is how much you try. If you do it with your all heart you can definitely make it strong. 

If you get any opportunity to speak in English with your friends or family, don’t miss it but use it.  Don’t speak long-long sentences in the beginning. Start with very basic. 

For example, if anyone do any favour for you then say him / her thank you. I know it’s too obvious. Then ask your friend ” how was your day “. And day by day go for longer sentences.  And at last have complete conversation in English. If you do it step by step then it will be very easy for you but if you.

3. Overcome your fear and be confident.

Your fear is the only thing which pulls you down from speaking English. You know English and you are capable of speaking it but you think that you can’t speak it because of your fear. And until you hold this fear you cannot speak English fluently. 

You think it’s hard but believe me it is the simplest language on the earth. Due to its simplicity only it is our international language. Almost 1.5 billion people in the world speak English. Then why can’t you. It might not be your tongue language but still if you make a little effort then you can speak English fluently. 

Flush all your negative thoughts and be confident. Instead of thinking that you can’t do it, be positive and think that I can do it better than anyone.  And boom!  you will speak it confidently.

4. Use a mirror to practice it yourself.

Self practice is the best practice to make your self picture perfect Click To Tweet

Mirror can act as a buddy for you to help you improve your English. Whenever you get some time you can talk to yourself in front of a mirror. But be careful enough so that no one can find you doing that otherwise they will treat you as a crazy guy, just kidding. 

This will help you to find your mistakes and the wrong expressions you give. After finding your mistakes you can overcome them to bring finishing to your words.  

Do you know, a good majority of successful people use to talk to themselves to get rid off from their problems. 

5. Speak slowly to avoid messing up the words.

You might have often noticed that when ever you try to speak English very fast you overlap many words. Doing this you decrease the quality of your language. This makes your English very ineffective. Moreover hearing you people will think that you are too much under confident. 

I know you want to speak English fluently but it doesn’t mean that you will speak it any way. Moreover, the quality of your English is more important than its fluency. 

If you need to speak it fluently then start with basic. In the earlier attempts, speak slowly and try to speak clearly. By the each passing day you can increase your speed of speaking but remember to speak clear enough.

6. Increase your vocabulary.

As I mentioned earlier, the quality of your English is much more important than any other thing. And the thing which determines the quality of your English is your vocabulary. If your vocabulary is strong then automatically the quality of your language will increase and vice versa. 

If you have ever heard any professional poet and writer you might have found their words more emphatic. And this is only because of their strong vocabulary. So it is very important to have a good vocabulary. 

But how can you improve it?  You cannot learn all the words of the world but you can still increase your vocabulary by reading books,  watching movies, and also by talking to other people who speak good English. 

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