How to spend my summer vacation? You won’t ask this question again after reading this article. In this article you will find 45+ ideas to spend your holidays. This list includes some productive works, some creative work, some fun ideas and some ways to earn money this summer.

Summer vacation is the most awaited holidays we all like to have. After having long schooling hours we enjoy and relax ourselves in these long holidays of summer. Hence we wait for it very eagerly.

But when we finally start our holidays we get bored after few days. And that is because we don’t have any work to do other that following our daily routine. This makes our our vacation very unproductive and boring.

So in order to make your summer vacation creative and productive, I have 45+ ideas to overcome your lazy day and make your vacation cheerful and exciting.

NOTE :- It is not possible that all the ideas listed below would fit you. It is possible that you can follow only a few of them. So make your own choice.

45+ productive ways to spend your holidays

How to spend summer vacation

1. Challenge your crafting skills.

Crafting is a great way to keep your self busy. If you are getting bored and if you want to do something productive then you can Challenge your crafting skills. It doesn’t require any money but if you do it heartily then it will make your day.

You can get started with any paper or some clay. You can try to make a small paper house, some sculptures with clay,  etc.

When ever I get bored, the first thing which clicks in my mind is crafting because it’s too exciting to make something from imagination. Crafting has no limits, you can make anything from your imagination. So it’s is a good way to keep yourself engaged.

2. Try designing.

Another good option for doing something productive is designing. You can design logos, clothes, stickers, some cartoon character etc. It is great way to challenge your imagination and creativity.This will not only keep you engaged but also help you to develop your designing skills.

Do you know a company named SYMANTEC paid over $1,000,000,000 just for designing their brands logo.  I don’t say that you. can also sell you logo for such high price but I just want to say that you can earn money from it.  Moreover fashion designing have good scope so you can try to design these things.

3. Modify your room.

As a student I have often realized that it is not possible to take some time to modify my room during school hours. So if you are not satisfied with your room you can modify it in your free time. This will surely keep you busy for some time.

You can change the colour of your room, apply some stickers, install new furniture etc. You can give some labour but I recommend you to do it yourself so that you can keep yourself engaged.

4. Write a story or poem.

Do you know what our great freedom fighters did when they were imprisoned. They used to write books to keep themselves busy.

I don’t say you to write a complete book but you can try writing a long story or a poem of your own. Don’t try to complete it within a day, take your time and write like a professional. This will help you to find a writer hidden deep in you.

You don’t need to write a very professional story, but try your level best. You can write a funny comic,  a dramatic story or even some real incidents.

5. Try gardening.

Who don’t like gardening?  Maybe someone who have never tried it. Because it is such an lovely job. Gardening is a great way to keep your mind calm and happy. If you don’t have anything to do then get some seed and start gardening.

It is not important to have a big garden, if you have a small open space around your house you can practice gardening. If you don’t even have little space, then you can use flower pot. You can plant small plants including some flowers, small vegetable plants etc.  It will provide you fruits,  vegetables and will keep your surrounding clean.

6. Listen to music.

I love music and I hope you too love it. Listening to music is counted among good habits, only if it is heard for limited time. If you listed to music it will relax your body and will help you keep your self engaged. It will definitely not engage you for long but it will keep you tuned for sometime.

You can listen to classical music, Bollywood songs, etc to keep yourself busy.  But make sure that you listen to sad songs as they make your mood too gloomy. Listen it whenever you feel bored and lazy.

7. Go for shopping.

Another thing which people miss during school hours is shopping because they are unable to save some time for shopping due to the busy schedule. So you can spend your holidays in shopping. You can buy clothes for yourself, you can buy shoes, watches, etc to that you don’t need to go to buy them when your school hours are back.

8. Learn to dance.

Dancing is one of the best thing you can do to improve your personality. It is a great way to express your emotions. If you are not a good dancer you can join some dance classes where you can learn to dance in different forms.  But if you are already a good dancer try to increase your talent.

It is one of the most productive way to spend your holidays as you will learn something new.  Once you know how to dance you can surprise your friends and family. Moreover you can participate in various dancing championships to earn money from dancing.

9. Play mobile/pc games.

Who don’t like playing mobile games? It is such an addictive habit that it compel us to play it again and again but due to school we are unable to play it. So you can fulfill your dream of playing your favourite mobile game in these holidays.

I never recommend you to play it for long as it may have some adverse effects on your eyes and mind anyway you can play mobile or PC game for some time.

10. Read, read and read.

Reading is one the common habit found in most of the successful people. Well, you can read books in order to spend your time effectively.  You can read comics, motivational book,  magazines, educational books etc. Initially you may find it little difficult to read it,  but after some time you will develop a habit and it will be very easy for you.

If you feel that reading books with not give you any fun then ask your parents what they did to entertain themselves when these smartphones,  TV,  video games were not invented.  Most probably they used to read books.  So it they were entertained by books then why not you.

11. Watch an exciting movie.

Watching movies had never made me bored specially when it exciting one.  If you getting bored in your holidays go out to a cinema hall ti watch a movie. This will keep you tuned and busy for some hours.

If you don’t have money to go to cinema hall, watch it in your smartphone, laptop, television and anywhere else your like. It is definitely not a productive way to spend your holiday but you can surely make your mood fresh and happy.

12. Eat a chilled ice cream.

Do you know the best part about summer? It’s ice cream which we enjoy under burning sun. If you want to refresh your mind you can go out to some ice cream parlor to eat a cool ice cream.

You can even enjoy some some soft drinks. You can accompany your brother – sister, father,  mother, or some friends with you.

13. Accompany a good friend.

There us no better time pass then a friend. Time flies with 2x speed when you are with your friend. So is you are getting bored them you can ask your friend to stay with you or you can go to their house.

You can play video games, board games, some sports, or you can complete your assignment work with them. You can also hang out to a garden or to some ice cream parlor etc.  You can spend some quality time with them.

14. Explore new places.

Exploring is a part of our life, we live to explore.  Moreover a good majority of people visit some new play during their summer holidays. You can also visit some new places such as Goa,  North India, USA, China other places.

If you don’t have that much money to visit far away places than visit places near you. This will help you to enjoy your summer holidays is the best possibly way.

15. Visit a theme park.

If you want to be thrilled in this vacation you can visit a theme park near your house or if possible then you can visit biggest theme parks of our country.

You can have unlimited fun. You can enjoy the big rides, see some magic, play and swim in the water and many more things which you can do to entertain yourself. Most of the Amusement parks and water parks are not so expensive which means that you keep your pocket happy.

16. Clean your locality.

If you find that places around your house are not clean them you can do some social work by cleaning your locality. This will keep you busy moreover your locality will be neat and clean. Some time people will appreciate your hard work.

 I don’t say you to clean your whole town but try to clean the area around your house.

17. Start a small business.

If you want to turn your holidays productive then you can start your own small business, if you are big enough to start it.  You can earn some money from this business to enjoy your summer holidays much better.

You can do anything, you can start by selling some basic business and then you can go on upgrading it.

18. Learn a new language.

For humans the best possible way to communicate is our language. If you don’t know more than one or two languages go and join some classes to learn some more.

Most of the people are good in English but if you are not good in speaking English you can join English classes. Because English is very important language. You can also learn other new languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, Sanskrit etc. 

19. Start your own blog / website.

The most productive idea to spend your holidays is blogging. If you have never heard this word ‘ BLOGGING ‘ before then don’t worry it’s nothing very technical. A fun fact is that the article which you are reading now is a blog.  You can browse articles and videos to understand what is blogging.

If you are a good writer or if you have some stuff to write then you can earn money from home this vacation. Do you know some people earn over $1,000,000 per month from blogging. I don’t say that you can earn that much too. But if you work consistently for 3 months you can easily earn over $100 per month.

20. Plant some trees.

Another social work which you can do is planting some trees. You can plant small and big trees around your house. This will keep you busy for some time and will give a feeling of satisfaction.

It is not important to plants a number of trees. If you plant 2-5 trees then that is sufficient. This will keep your are green which will provide you fresh air.  Moreover if you plant some fruit bearing tree then you can enjoy the sweet fruit too.

21. Make a plan to study abroad.

Many student dream to study abroad but only a few could do that. If you dream to study abroad, utilize this time in making a proper plan to study abroad.

You can read articles, watch some videos in order to Know how you can make it possible to study abroad.

22. Improve your writing and reading skills.

If you think that your hand writhing is not so good and you can’t read fluently then you can utilize this time in improving you writing and reading skills.

You can practice to write going and again to improve your handwriting and you can read more and more books to read anything fluently.

23. Go for a scholarship.

There are many companies and institutions which launch many scholarship programs. You can take advantage of this programs to earn money for your studies or for other purpose.

You can browse internet to know about the scholarship programs.

24. Start your own tuition.

If you want to earn some pocket money this vacation then you can teach to your juniors in your free time. You can charge money from then on turn of your teaching. You can grab some kids living near your house to start your own tuition.

If you don’t have anyone to teach something then you can teach people online too. You can join various sites to start teaching them.

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25. Try to cook food.

Cooking is one of the excellent talent one can posses but if you don’t know how to cook food, you can ask your mother to teach you to cook. You can also join some classes to become a good cook. This will also help you in emergency, when there won’t be anyone to cook for you.

26. Become a delivery boy / girl.

If you want to earn some money then you can deliver things for money. If are above the age on 15 years you can join some pizza company or some other private delivery agency to get started. You can work as a part time worker to earn money.

27. Join a gym.

Due to our busy schedule we are unable to maintain our body health. You can use your holidays to maintain your health. You can join various gym clubs near your house to get your body in shape. But if you underage don’t go for it.

28. Learn to swim.

Another productive work you can do is that you can learn swimming. You will get many chances to swim but if you don’t know how to swim then you may fell into trouble. So join some swimming classes. This will also keep you engaged for long.

29. Play some sports.

You can play some sports to keep yourself active. You can  play football, cricket, badminton etc.

30. Learn to drive a bike / car.

If you don’t know how to ride a bike them you can take the help of your elders to learn to ride a bike. But make sure that you are old enough to ride it.

31. Own a pet.

I think that owning a pet is an amazing thing. A pet is no less than your family member. You can play with pet, you can feed him, you can have a good partner. You can own a dog,  a cat, a parrot, a rabbit etc. They will be your good time pass.

32. Learn to play some musical instruments.

Music have some magic in it and that magic come from the instruments. So if you could learn how to play some musical instruments then you can spread magic through it.

You can join some classes to play them like pro. You can learn to play guitar, piano, drum etc.  In this way you will not get bored and you can spend your holidays effectively.

33. Learn surfing.

Do you like surfing I like it too much. Surfing feels like running on clouds. The cool breeze make me feel like a hero. But you won’t understand it if you have never being on surfing. If you don’t know how to surf, you should definitely learn to surf because it’s so awesome.

34. Use your smart phone.

The way to pass your time is using your phone. If you don’t have your own use your parents phone. You can surf videos on YouTube, read articles on Google,  play online games and you can even use social media such as facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc.

35. Go for adventurous tours.

If you want to spend your holidays in exciting way they you can go for some adventurous tour. You can go to climb a mountain, or to explore a forest, etc.  But make sure to hire a guide before going ahead.

36. Try baby sitting.

Do you like babies? I don’t like them because their annoying habits. Anyway if you like babies you can earn money from home by taking care if the babies. You can use your empty time in taking care of them to earn money.

37. Learn to stitch.

If you are a girl, then you should know the basic stitching so that whenever there is a small damage in the cloth, you can easily fix it.  If you don’t know stitching you can can take help of your elders to learn it.

38. Become a freelancer.

Another way to earn some money for your summer holidays is freelancing. If you report good writer, photographer, designer,  video editor or anything else then you can give services to different people to earn money. You can join sites like upwork,  fiver etc to get started.

39. Help poor people.

If you have a lot of time, and if you can’t decide what to do then you can go to help poor people in your town. It is not important to have money to help other people. You can give some physical help to them. You can teach poor children or increase social awareness among them.

40. Earn money from online survey.

If you don’t have sufficient money to spend your holidays then you can try online surveys. It is easy and quick way to earn money online without putting much effort. All you need to do is to sign up in the online survey sites. Once done, you need to answer some really simple questions. After doing it for several time you will get some money.

41. Start a YouTube channel.

It is a great way to spend your holidays. Once you start a YouTube channel you will have lot of stuffs to do.  You need to make videos, edit them, increase subscribers etc.  In this way you will be busy. Moreover if you work little hard you will have good fan following and you can earn some money too.

42. Just relax and enjoy.

Tell me one thing,  why do we have summer holidays?  Obviously to relax ourselves right. So keep your self calm and just relax your body.  You can visit a message parlor to relax yourself.

43. Visit a beach ( if possible ).

What would be anything better than sitting on a beach under the hot sun catching a soft drink in your hand. I would never like to miss such an opportunity and I hope you too don’t want to miss it.  So what are waiting for, rush to a beach without wasting any more time.

44. Spend some time with your family.

You know what I miss during my school. I can spend much time with my parents due to the busy schedule. I hope you too can’t spend much time with them. So you can use this opportunity in spending some quality time with your near and dear one’s. You can hang out with them or you can play some board games with them.

45. Increase your fan following.

If you don’t have much social media following them you can use this time in increasing your fan following. You can target a social media platform such as instagram or facebook. You can be more active to increase your fan following.

45. Try Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the most effective way to earn money online. Some people even earn $1,000,00 per month.  If you have good fan following you can earn that much too.  All you need to do is to promote a product such as watch, smart phone, clothes etc. If some one buys it from your link you will get a small commission.

If you promote a watch of $50 using Amazon associates. 10 people buys it through your link.  You will get a commission of 5% then you can earn $25 without doing anything.

You can join various Affiliate programs such as Amazon associates,  share a sale,  etc.

46. Learn to animate.

Have you ever watched and animated movie. They are so cool right. They look nice but it take them months to make that small movie.  You can also try to animate to do and thing productive. Once you will start doing it you will fell in love with animating.

To get started, all you need is a laptop and a software such as blender.

47. Learn to draw and paint.

Similar to crafting painting also amuse me too much. If you are able to make a good painting you can sell it for high price.

It is a good way to spend your holidays in productive and creative way. If you don’t know how to draw then you can join some classes to glorify your drawing skills.

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