How to wake up early in the morning – 8 effective tips.


Waking up early in the morning is counted among the best habits of a person. It has been found that almost all of the successful people used to wake up early everyday. It is a fact that waking up early have many benefits. Some of the benefits of leaving your bed early are as follows:

• It keeps your mind fresh.

• It is easier to concentrate.

• No one to disturb you.

• Much better sleep quality.

• Keeps you mentally fit.

• More energetic than usual, etc.

Wake up early

Though early rising has this many benefits but a good majority of population don’t wake up early because it is not so easy to leave the bed before the sun is up.

Many people have asked me which is the best time to wake up? Generally the time of 4 am – 5 am is considered good to wake up. It’s not good to wake up too early as you may not have a proper sleep.

If you are a student,  a employee,  house wife or anything like that then it is very important for you to develop a habit of waking up early.

You might have tried several times to wake up early but you might have probably failed every time. That is because you are not doing the things in the right way. So here I have 8 best methods to wake up early without any problem.

How to wake up early in the morning?

1. Don’t do much physical work before sleeping.

You might have often heard or realize that if you do much physical work before some hours of sleeping you get a better and long sleep. Though it gives you a comfortable sleep but it has a drawback that you cannot wake up early.

What I have realized that if I do a lot physical work before sleeping then I need at least 7-9 hours of sleep. And hence I can’t wake up early but very late.

I don’t say you to quit your all works don’t do any task which make you very tired and tensed. So if you want to wake up early you should not do much physical or mental work.

2. Sleep early to wake early.

You may say that it is very obvious thing. Of course it’s too obvious because it is one of the biggest factor which decide when you will leave your bed.

Your elders or family members usually say you to sleep early. Do you know why? To wake up early. If you will sleep early you will wake up early and if you sleep late you will get up late.

So now you may ask me which is the best time to go to sleep? As we all know that human body need at least 6-8 hours if sleep. Considering this 9:30 PM is the best time to fell asleep.

3. Have some reason to wake up.

Siting in a bus without any designation doesn’t make sense, right. Same way if you don’t have a reason to wake up then every morning your mind is going to say “don’t get up” you won’t be able to get up early at all.

So ask yourself, why should I wake up early? For meditating, for completing some pending work, for going on a morning walk or for exercising.

Remember that your reason should strong and genuine that compels you to leave your bed. Don’t make anything to be a reason to wake up early.

4. Take a comfortable sleep.

How do you feel if your alarm start ringing at the mid night? You may feel like to destroy the whole universe. But what if it rings in the morning? You will not feel that bad.

This is because at mid night your sleep was not over and you didn’t had a comfortable sleep. But in the morning your sleep was over and you were much comfortable.

Hence you should have a proper sleep in order to wake up early morning. If you are not comfortable with your sleep you should try to get comfortable with it.

5. Don’t depend on machines.

We all usually use alarm, digital curtain, hi-tech lights to wake up early but it is not required. Instead you can take help of your family members to wake up early.

If you use alarms you can snooze it again and again until you complete your sleep. You may think to sleep for 10 more minutes but that 10-10 minutes will become hours bit you will not wake up.

But instead if you ask your mother or wife to wake you up then he/she will force you to wake up until you leave your bed.

6. Don’t make extreme difference.

Can you climb the Mt Everest within one day. No, right. You need to take small small steps in order to climb the Mt Everest.  Similarly if you want to wake up early then decrease your sleeping time by 15 min everyday.

For example, if you use to wake up at 7 am everyday then next day try to wake up at 6:45 am then for the next day try to wake up at 6:30 and so on.

This helps you to develop a permanent habit of waking up early. If you practice this method then within one month you will automatically wake up early.

7. Take a small sleep in the afternoon.

On an careful observation have have realized that the person who sleeps in the afternoon have an ability to wake up early.

My mother usually advises me to take a nap in the afternoon so that I can wake up early. And that mostly works. As it is not possible for everyone to sleep in the afternoon he/she can take small power naps of 5-10 min in the school, office or wherever you work.

A person who take naps complete some part of his sleep in the afternoon itself. Hence instead of taking a long sleep of 6-8 hours he / she can take a sleep of 5 hours. Hence he can wake up early.

8. Make it a habit not option.

We you will continuously try to wake up early then it will become a habit for you and after some time you can wake up early without any problem.

But instead if you keep a option that ” it is not compulsory to wake up” then you can’t wake up early at all.  Because we try to go for easy and comfortable way. Hence we will not leave our bed.

So try to practice it every day and be consistent to it.

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