6 best part time job for students in 2019.


Money is the basic need of everyone and so for a student. A student can’t do a full time job as he/she is supposed to study at this age moreover he/she don’t have any professional degrees to get any full time job. But there are various part time job for students from which they can generate some money. 

There are many part time jobs for students but considering their studies and other factors their are only few part time jobs which can pay them solid income. 

These part time jobs don’t require any higher qualifications or degree. And you don’t need to invest your whole day doing this job but just a few hours. And almost all the part time jobs mentions below are self employed which means you will be your own boss. 

Any of the jobs mentioned below don’t require any investment, which means you can start for free. But if you want to make the job more professional then you can invest some money. And make sure you don’t expect a thousand of dollars form these jobs as these jobs are just part time, but if you work hard and take these jobs with ” pinch of salt ” (seriously) then you may earn thousands of dollars also. 

8 best part time job for students.

Best jobs for students

1. Teach in your free time. 

I think this is probably among the best part time jobs for students. You can teach your junior pupils in your free time or after classes and can have some passive income. You can teach whatever subject you like or what pupils demand. You can charge some tuition fees from them to earn money. 

You can do it both offline or online. If you want to teach pupils of your locality then you can start tutoring offline at your house or at any other place. 

But if you are uncomfortable to teach offline then you can teach pupils online. You can get started with various sites to teach online. You have a good advantage that you can earn lot more money as compared to offline tutoring. 

2. Try to make money online.

If you want to make thousands of dollars then you can make money online. To start making money online you don’t need anything other than a laptop with some internet connection. No degree, no experience and no investment. You don’t need anything. Some of the best ways to make money online are:

• Blogging 

• Freelancing 

• Virtual assistant 

• Web development 

• YouTube channel 

• Online survey 

3. Try baby sitting.

If you don’t like to work hard and want earn money easily then you can try baby sitting. If you like babies then this might be the best part time job for you.

Many women use to go to their jobs now a days. And if they have any small child then they probably need a nanny to take care of his baby.  You can take advantage of this situation.

You can take care of their baby to make some money. And don’t underestimate a job of nanny that you cannot earn much money. I have seen many nannies who make over $3000 per month from this simple job.  

I know it’s not easy to handel a kid but you can do it for some money. You can buy some toys and other playing stuffs for these babies to play so that you can handle them easily.  

4. Drive and earn. 

If you have legal age to drive cars and if you have driving license then you should try joining uber, ola etc. Driving is also counted among the best part time jobs for students who have legal age to drive. As one can earn money by just driving a car.  

We all might have used the service of uber at least once in our life. And it is so popular. Hence you can take advantage of their popularity to earn money. You can join them to register your car in their company. Once you are all set people will start hiring you. Once you are being hired you can drive and start making money. 

5. Become a delivery boy/girl.

It is also another easy way to earn money without working hard. You can deliver things in your free time. You can join various communitie. You can join some pizza company or some parcel center to deliver things to earn money. You can use your means of transportation such as your cycle or. your car. If you want to earn more money then you can deliver big things. 

If you want to earn complete ration of money without sharing it with anyone else then you can start your own center of parcel. This is a good way to start a small business.

Of you join some other centers then you can earn anywhere between $5-$20 working per hour. But if you make your own center then you can earn much more money. 

6. Sell your creativity and passion.

If you are a good photographer or a good cook, or if you like crafting then why don’t sell it. You can sell your crafts, your photograps to earn money. This will not only provide you money UT it will help you to develop your skills and passion. 

If you like singing or dancing them you can start a YouTube channel to earn money. You will earn both money and popularity.

If you are a good designer then you can design logo for various organizations by visiting various sites such as Upwork, fiver etc. 


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