What are the signs of a genius? Geniuses is the characteristics which everyone want to have but unfortunately only one out of hundreds is found to be genius.

People have a big myth that a person who is good in studies are genius or scientists who invent something are genius.

Geniuses is not measured by the marks scored by a student or someone’s success. It is a characteristics found in humans which can be measured by his / her habits and intelligence.

It is not possible for everyone to be genius but there are good number of genius people on this earth. That can be you or me too. But how can you find that you are genius or not.

In order to find one’s geniuses, I have listed some of the most common characteristics of genius people.

Note :- This article is not to make you fool. Many article on internet have senseless content which don’t relate to any genius. We have listed below the genuine signs of a genius person. 

10 true signs of a genius person 

little things which show that you are genius

1. Are you lazy about fashion? 

According to a recent study it has been found that people how don’t care much about fashion are genius. They don’t take fashion too seriously because they know that it’s just use less. 

If you wear same T-shirt some many days or if you anything consistently for long without changing it then you are a genius person.

2. Your handwriting is not so good. 

We think that genius people are perfect in every thing but you know what they are highly imperfect in one thing and that is their handwriting. Most of the genius people have very poor handwriting.

It doesn’t mean that they can’t write instead they have poor handwriting because they are not interested in making their notebooks beautiful. They value time and they write fast so that they can save some time. 

They never pay attention in making their handwriting beautiful. If you find that your handwriting is also not so good then you can be our next genius person because it is a sign of a genius. 

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3. Remembering little things.

Do you remember small things which others don’t then this is a sign of a genius. You remember those little things which others don’t remember such as colour of the T-shirt which your friend wore last day or the dinner which you had last night then you ate probably a genius. 

Many genius people have a great memory power and they remember those little things which others can’t. They remember little incidents and things. 

4. Giving high perfection to things.

Little things bring perfection to anything. 

It has been often found that genius people give perfection to almost everything. What ever work they do, they try to make it perfect. If the task is too small or really big they do it with their full dedication and this makes them different from others. 

They do almost all possible things to make that job perfect. No matter they like it or not. If you think that you too like giving perfection to things, then you are a genius. 

5. You go for reasons.

Many people of this world believe anything blindly what other speak. But genius people often go for reasons. They don’t believe everything blindly instead they go for reasons to believe it. They ask what, why, how, where, when, etc and try to find out reasons for it.  

But it doesn’t mean that they argue for everything. They think whether the things are reliable or not and then they react to it. If you find it common with you then you are genius as it is a big sign of a genius person.

6. You Think too much.

Thinking too much is not counted among the good habits but it is a common characteristic of a genius. It is because genius people have an addiction of over thinking. They think too much.

They can’t keep their mind empty because they like to keep it busy for ever. But one thing which you should know is that they don’t think useless things instead their thoughts are highly productive and useful. They don’t have empty thoughts.

If you think that you also over think then can be a genius too but only if you think something productive and useful. 

7. You talk to yourself.

This may sound crazy but genius people often talk to themselves. It doesn’t mean that they have two soul in one body. It neither mean that they are fool or they are crazy. They ate absolutely normal humans like us but they have an habit of taking to themselves. 

They do this because they try to find out answer of some question by asking it to their own instead of asking it to others. By doing this they also try to understand their own mind much better. 

If you find yourself talking to you, then remember that it is another sign of a genius person and not a crazy man. 

8. You make people laugh.

Another quality of genius people is that they make others to laugh or in other words they are funny.  They make jokes, they do some funny actions so that others could have a sweet smile on their face. Sometimes they make their own fun to make others happy.  

If you too like to make people happy then you can be our next genius person. Genius people know that it is not ideal to have a sad mood because it neither make you happy nor others do they maintain a light happy mood.  

9. You are too curious.

You have no patience for anything. If you find that you are too curious for everything then you must remember that it is a sign of genius. 

It is often found that genius people want to know everything as soon as possible because they can’t wait for anything. They are too eager to achieve everything in their lives. No matter how big or small is that thing. 

Due their this behavior, a good majority of genius people are successful because they are too curious to achieve their goals. They do their level best to reach their goals and finally they get success. 

10. You take really long sleep.

Every one use to take an average sleep of 6-8 hours but if you have an habit of taking a little longer sleep than others than you might be a genius person. 

This is because people who work hard need more rest and it is often found that genius people always keep themselves busy so they feel more tired and hence they take little long sleep.  

Moreover they know the importance of sleep. They know that if they want to be healthy they need more sleep. If you take long sleep of many hours, it doesn’t mean that you are lazy but it means that you are genius. 

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