Do you know that your mind works differently during different hours. Some time it works with it full efficiency and sometimes it don’t work at all. For example, can you guess when will you perform better in exam, in the morning or in the late night.

A good majority of people will say, in the morning because your mind will work better in the morning than in the night. Then what about study.

What is the best time to study

What is the best time to study?

It depends mostly on you. Because different people like to study at different time but a good majority of students like to study in early mornings usually between (4 AM – 6 AM) but some like to study at night between (8 PM – 10 PM). And this is the best time to study.

But the question still remains uncovered, Day or night. It is not so easy to state it in one sentence because the time which I suggest, might not be liked by you. It is better to take your own decision, Day or night. But I will help you to do it. So if you want to know it keep reading the article. These questions will give you it’s answer.

Do time matter to study and can time change your studying efficiency.

Time matters a lot when it comes to studying. Different people like to study at different times because they find it fit to study. Some study in the morning and some study in the night. If you study at proper time your studying efficiency can increase to its maximum and similarly if you study at undesired time you cannot study anything at all.

If I say you to study I the mid night, most of you won’t be able to study at all because it is not the time to study but to sleep. So study at time when you feel that it is best fit for you.

Studying in the morning

People who feel much confident and active in the morning must study during day time. According to a recent research, we have found that our mind is much active and focused in the early morning.

After having a proper sleep you feel much relaxed and your brain remains calm gaining the ability to recall the information you have learned earlier.

It is even much easier to memorize any thing in the morning as quiet and peaceful. It is better to study between 4 AM to 6 AM as it is the most peaceful time of the day.

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Benefits of studying in the morning.

  • Brain remains calm and focused.
  • Ability to memorize faster.
  • You feel much more energetic.
  • Easier to recall, previously studied things.
  • Your thinking power and imagination increases.
  • Natural light keeps you cheerful and encouraged.

Tips to study in the morning.

  • Take proper sleep at night.
  • Eat some light food.
  • Be punctual and study everyday.
  • Avoid distractions ( study along in a closed room ).

Studying at night

If you are a person who is more comfortable to focus on studies at night then you can consider studying at night or in the evening. It is best time to study in terms of silence and least distractions. It is the time when your mind is filled with all the information which you have gained whole day. Hence it is easier to think and understand.

But if you study late night then make sure to take proper sleep in the morning because you will get the least time to sleep in night, roughly about 3-5  hours. So take at least 3 hours of sleep in the day so that you can study late night and complete your 6-8 hours of sleep too.

Benefits of studying at night

  • Complete silence and peace to study.
  • Least distractions and more concentration.
  • Ability to think and understand faster.
  • Better sleep quality.

Tips to study at night.

  • Make a habit to study on the same time.
  • Take some sleep in the morning.
  • Keep distractions away.
  • Don’t eat very heavy meal (you may feel sleepy)
  • Have sufficient lights.

Do you need to study everyday?

Whatever time you study either in the morning or at night make a strict routine to study everyday on same time. This will help you to study punctually which will help you in  studies. Moreover if you make a habit of daily studying you won’t need to make much effort to go to study. You will automatically sit to study.


Keeping the major points in mind,  it is better to study in the early morning and it’s just not me who is saying this but many scientist believe this fact that you can perform really well in studies in the morning. If it don’t work for you you can try studying at night too.

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